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Our Guide to Working With Your Wedding DJ for a Memorable Event

By October 29, 2021 No Comments
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The wedding is already a unique and memorable day, even without the extra frills. However, if you want everyone to have the best time of their life during your wedding, then you may want to play some good songs to get them in the mood! No wedding is complete without great music—it brings people together, puts everyone in the right mindset, and helps create a romantic ambience. 

Sydney is full of talented wedding photographers, so you don’t have to worry about scrambling for one. However, no matter how skilled or experienced your DJ is, there’s still a chance that your wedding could go downhill because of their mistakes.

If you want to make sure that you’ll have the best wedding possible, here are a few things you should consider doing before the big day:

1. Build a Good Relationship With Your DJ

Although you’ll only be working with the DJ for just one night, you shouldn’t overlook the importance of establishing a good connection with them. No matter how busy you are with planning your wedding, you must never forget about meeting with your wedding DJ before the big day, as they play a crucial role in how well your ceremony goes.

Just like how you should discuss things with your photographer, event decorator, caterer, and wedding coordinator, it’s also essential to get to know your wedding DJ to ensure that you’re on the right page. Having an in-person with your wedding DJ also doubles as an interview, a way to make sure that they match your requirements and will carry out your wishes.

You don’t have to be friends with your wedding Dj, but it helps to establish a civil relationship by meeting with them once or twice to figure out whether their personality and music taste will be a good fit for your big day.

2. Share Your Music Taste With Them

A wedding DJ would already have had quite a few experiences playing music for various weddings, but they may not be to your taste. If you want to be sure that you’ll have the right songs at your wedding, we recommend letting them know about your music taste.

The DJ just plays the music, but you’re still in charge of the wedding, including the songs you’ll be dancing to—the tunes you want to hear what they will play. You wouldn’t want your mood to be ruined because the DJ plays a song that brings up unpleasant memories, do you?

Let the DJ know about your music taste by sending them a playlist of the songs you want to play during the event. Remember to give them a list of songs you don’t want to be played, ensuring that you’ll have a fun and memorable time without any music negatively affecting the wedding.

3. Help Your DJ Out

We’re not saying to act as an assistant for your wedding photographer, but you shouldn’t leave the job entirely to them. Unlike a wedding photographer that can work without any help in preparing for your ceremony, it’s crucial to help your DJ prepare before the wedding to let them know that you want things to go well.

Rather than easing their burden, helping your wedding DJ adds some weight to their job, ensuring that they perform at their best. 


There’s nothing like great music to transform a wedding from alright to extraordinary! All it takes is the right playlist and equipment to put everything in place and get everyone in the right mood. As long as you work with a reputable wedding DJ and follow our tips, you’re sure to have a fantastic party you and your guests will never forget!

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