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Different Red Flags to Look Out for When Hiring a DJ

By October 22, 2021 No Comments

People have different reasons to hire a DJ. Sometimes, they may need someone to add a well-needed atmosphere to the party, while there are also times when they need someone to play the dedicated playlist of the people being celebrated in the event. 

Whatever the reason may be, they are one of the most in-demand people when it comes to parties and happenings—and for the best possible reasons. 

Hiring a DJ entails quite a few considerations, as there are many qualities you need to understand to find one that will perfectly boost your organised event. It’s always better to analyse their years of experience and techniques, for instance. By having an idea of what a particular DJ is all about, you will at least determine whether or not you are hiring the right one or not.

In such a case, you must also be familiar with the red flags, so you never have to worry about ending up with a DJ that cannot fit well into your plans. That said, here are some warnings signs to look out for:

1. They Are Not Asking for a Deposit

While it may be good to know that the DJ isn’t asking you for money early on, it is one of the most obvious red flags. A DJ will need the upfront payment to prepare and set up a couple of things necessary for the upcoming event. 

You may argue that a DJ already has all the amenities they will ever need to play all the requested hits, but not all events are alike, and some may require a more advanced audio setup than the rest. The deposit also guarantees that they will show up at the event since they will need to complete their work to get the rest of the payment.

2. They Do Not Have Any Available Reviews, Whether Negative or Positive

Looking at the website or profile page of the DJ may say a lot about their work experience and efficiency. Now, there are times when a starting DJ may not have all of that, but they must still show their skills through some of their showcases online. 

A short video of their recent mixes will be more than enough to let you know if they’re the right one for the job. However, if nothing on their page will show their turntable skills, you may need to find another option, as you may just be putting your investment and event at risk of being scammed.

3. They Do Not Require a Signed Contract

A legitimate DJ will ask you for a contract once the details about the event have been agreed upon. It is an assurance that they will turn up at the event and play all of the music requested by the client. Any DJ that will not require this necessary paperwork will seem suspicious. 

On that note, you must explore other options instead. Without a proper contract, they might book another client without even turning up to your celebration first.


Hiring a DJ may seem simple, but going for random options may just give you a massive amount of headache, especially if it turns out to be an amateur performer, or worse, a straight-out scam. 

If a DJ doesn’t ask for a deposit, has no visible reviews, and does not require a signed contract, then you may need to back away from the deal. Turntable skills are one thing, but honesty and efficiency are much more critical in organising an incredible event, which will be made better by a legitimate DJ.

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