There’s no doubt that your wedding is one of the most momentous days of your life, making it essential to select the right wedding entertainment for your special wedding day. The wedding music sets the mood, and your wedding reception relies heavily on the quality of your DJ.

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Star DJ Hire is here to make sure that you have a choice of only the best wedding DJs in the industry.

Star DJ Hire is here to make sure that you have a choice of only the best wedding DJs in Perth, Western Australia. When it comes to professional Perth DJ services, we offer more than just DJ services; we offer a personalised service to ensure your dream wedding becomes a reality.

Before locking in your Wedding DJ Perth, we have some interesting facts that serve as helpful tips from those who’ve been in your shoes:

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72% of brides say that, given the opportunity, they would have spent more time in deciding on their reception entertainment;
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Almost 100% of couples say that they should have allocated a larger proportion of their wedding budget to entertainment;
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In hindsight, 78% of brides say that they should have ranked entertainment as their highest priority when planning for the wedding;
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Entertainment was the most memorable part of a reception for 81% of wedding guests.*
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    The Star DJ Experience

    Consultation and Planning

    We’re here to help you every step of the way to ensure that your wedding reception plans come to life with as little stress as possible. With our DJ MC services, you’ll enjoy a seamless, stress-free experience.

    Once you’ve made a booking with us, you are assigned your very own event manager. The role of this superstar is to make the rest of the journey as seamless as possible. Some of their tasks include:

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    Recommending songs for key moments of the reception;
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    Recommending other suppliers to assist in bringing your vision to life;
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    Recommending event enhancements to deliver the best experience;
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    Answering any ‘wedding industry’ questions you might have;
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    Connecting with your venue’s event manager/wedding planner and arranging logistics with them;
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    Providing all of the relevant licenses and insurances upon request.

    About Star DJ Hire’s wedding team in Perth:

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    We have a team of 10 wedding DJs in Perth which means that we can tailor our services and expertise to your requirements;
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    Our DJs are all covered by public liability insurance and licensed which you’ll find is a requirement for most Perth wedding venues;
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    Our DJs are regularly provided with training;
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    Our Wedding DJ package includes all required equipment at no extra cost.
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    We hold tens of thousands of songs in our immediate library and are able to access any other songs immediately upon request.

    We’d love to answer any questions or queries that you may have. We’re readily available and contactable over phone, email or instant chat!

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    Our service and commitment to excellence makes us who we are but don’t believe us, take it from our customers.



    We love what we do, and it’s reflected in the service we provide to our customers.


    Here’s some feedback on what our clients thought of us.

    Tailoring Music to Your Taste

    We understand how important music is on your special day. That’s why we offer a consultation to discuss your music preferences well in advance. Whether you have favourite songs you absolutely want played or genres you’d like to avoid, your Perth DJ will customise the playlist to suit your taste. Don’t miss a beat; let’s make your dance floor the heart of your wedding reception.


    The Importance of Quality Sound and Lighting

    Sound and lighting are crucial elements that can make or break an event. Our top-quality sound system and lighting equipment are designed to create the perfect atmosphere, from the ambient dinner music to the energetic dance floor tunes. Experience high-quality wedding music and visuals with Star DJ Hire.


    Trustworthy and Streamlined Entertainment

    We aim to be your all-in-one entertainment supplier, making your planning process as stress-free as possible. We offer packages that include photo booths and can even arrange live music performances. Our streamline entertainment options are designed to simplify your wedding day or corporate event planning.


    Why Not Every DJ Makes the Cut

    At Star DJ Hire, not every DJ is selected. Our experienced DJs and professional MCs undergo a rigorous selection process and training to ensure they meet our high standards. This guarantees that you’re only getting the best of the best for your wedding reception or corporate event in Western Australia.


    Reach Out For a Memorable Event

    We’re available via phone and email support, offering a comprehensive pre-event consultation to ensure your amazing night is well-planned. Whether you’re in Margaret River or any other part of Western Australia, we’ve got the perfect Perth DJ hire options for you.


    Experience in Various Venues Across Western Australia

    We’ve had the pleasure of playing at some of the most popular wedding venues in Western Australia, including locations in Margaret River. Whether you’re planning an intimate ceremony or a lavish celebration, we have the right Perth DJ and wedding entertainment options to suit your venue.

    Frequently asked questions

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    What can I expect from your Professional Perth DJ Services?

    When you book with us, you can expect a comprehensive and personalised service tailored to your needs. Our experienced DJs will work closely with you to understand your music preferences, ensuring a playlist that will keep your guests entertained. From wedding day coordination to dance floor lighting, every detail will be taken care of.

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    How do you choose the right Wedding Music?

    Choosing the right wedding music is crucial for setting the mood. We consult with you well in advance to discuss your music preferences, ensuring your favourite songs are included. Our Perth DJs have a vast music library, so whether you’re into rock, pop, or country, we’ve got you covered.

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    How does your DJ Service differ from Live Music?

    Live music and DJ services offer different experiences. A DJ can offer a wide range of genres and adapt the playlist real-time based on the crowd’s response. Live music can be a wonderful addition but may not offer the same variety or flexibility in music preferences.

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    What is your Top-Quality Sound System like?

    We invest in a top-quality sound system to ensure crystal clear sound quality throughout your wedding reception or event. High-grade speakers and microphones make sure that every note and announcement is heard clearly.

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    What kind of Dance Floors do you work with?

    We’ve worked with a variety of dance floors, from hardwood to marble. Our Perth DJs are experienced in adjusting the sound settings and lighting to suit the acoustics and aesthetics of different dance floors.

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    How do you ensure a Stress-Free event?

    We work with you and your event planners well in advance to ensure that everything is coordinated perfectly for a stress-free experience. Our phone and email support is always available for any last-minute changes or queries you might have.

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    How does your Mobile DJ service work?

    Our mobile DJ service allows us to bring the party to you, no matter where you are in Western Australia. This flexibility is perfect for more remote or unique venues and ensures the same high-quality wedding entertainment.

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    How do you approach Music Preferences?

    Your music preferences are of the utmost importance to us. During our pre-event consultation, we’ll discuss your likes and dislikes, specific songs you want to be played or avoided, and any other requests you might have for your amazing night.

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    How do you keep the Dance Floor alive?

    The secret to an active dance floor is reading the crowd and adapting the music accordingly. Our experienced DJs are experts at this, ensuring that your guests have such a great time that they won’t want to leave the dance floor.

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    Do you offer Lighting Equipment?

    Yes, we offer a range of lighting equipment to enhance the ambiance and energy of your event. From mood lighting to dance floor spotlights, we’ve got the lighting solutions to match your wedding entertainment needs.

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    What sets you apart in the DJ Industry?

    What sets us apart is our dedication to offering a fully personalised service. We don’t just play music; we engage with your guests and create a memorable experience. From initial consultation to the final dance, our Perth DJ services aim to exceed your expectations.