Now you’ll have to agree with us when we say, a wedding is one of the most important moments of our lives. It’s a time to celebrate the love of a special couple.

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Let’s explore some facts to gain some insight into the importance of having the right Brisbane Wedding DJ:

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Brides said they would have spent more time choosing their entertainment in 72% of cases;
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A staggering amount, almost 100%, said they would have allocated a larger budget on entertainment;
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During wedding planning, 78% of Brides say their highest priorities were wedding dress, venue and caterer. After the wedding, almost 78% had different views, with their perspective shifting to entertainment as their highest priority;
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81% of guests say the most memorable part of the reception was the entertainment.
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We can all agree that a wedding is one of the most monumental events in one's life. A day filled with love and joy deserves the best wedding entertainment. 72% of brides wish they had spent more time on selecting their wedding entertainment, underscoring the necessity of having the right Wedding DJ Brisbane for your extraordinary day. Even more telling, 81% of guests say the entertainment was the most memorable aspect of the wedding reception.

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    From the moment you get in touch with Star DJ Hire Brisbane, we show unparalleled enthusiasm for turning your dream wedding into a reality. We don't just provide professional wedding DJ services; we specialise in creating unforgettable wedding moments.

    Once a booking is made, you are assigned a dedicated event manager. The role of the event manager is making the rest of the process as seamless as possible. Some of their tasks include:

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    Recommending songs for key moments of the reception;
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    Recommending other suppliers to assist in bringing your vision to life;
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    Connecting with your venue’s event manager/wedding planner and arranging logistics with them;
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    Providing all of the relevant licenses and insurances upon request.

    We see our team as a support network for you, and we regularly provide tips and advice throughout the process. Having extensive experience in the wedding industry gives you access to a wealth of knowledge from our team.

    Some other important information to keep in mind about Star DJ Hire:

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    Our Brisbane team has over 10 wedding DJs, allowing us to match you with the perfect DJ;
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    Our DJs are licensed and have public liability insurance – this is something Brisbane venues will request;
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    Our team is regularly trained and upskilled;
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    Our Wedding DJ package includes all required equipment at no extra cost.
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    Our immediate library has tens of thousands of songs, with streaming capabilities allowing us access to every other song on the planet.
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    We stand by our level of service, but seeing is believing. Check out some photos, videos and testimonials of our team out in the field!



    We love what we do, and it’s reflected in the service we provide to our customers.


    Here’s some feedback on what our clients thought of us.

    Why Choose Us as Your Brisbane Wedding DJs?

    When it comes to Wedding DJs in Brisbane, imagine a vibrant dance floor, your all-time favourite songs on the playlist, and your loved ones rejoicing in your love. Star DJ Hire Brisbane excels at making this dream a reality. We are not merely a wedding DJ service; we are specialist wedding DJs committed to enlivening your wedding day.

    Wedding Reception Music to Set the Mood

    One of the first impressions your guests will have on your wedding day is the music at the beginning of the reception. Whether it’s a classic ballad or a modern love song, the right tune can create a magical moment that you and your guests will remember forever. Our experienced wedding DJs are skilled at selecting the perfect music to elevate your wedding day.


    Rock Your Dance Floor

    When it comes to getting everyone onto the dance floor, no one does it better than us. With a DJ package tailored to your personal tastes, we ensure that your wedding entertainment keeps your guests grooving all night long. Whether you prefer 70s classics or current hits, our DJs have got you covered.


    Professional Wedding DJ and Wedding MC Services

    Your wedding day deserves nothing less than professional wedding entertainment. That’s why we offer not just DJ services but also have skilled wedding MCs to ensure your day runs seamlessly. Our DJs and MCs work together to provide a coordinated experience, from your elegant wedding reception venue to your lively dance floor.


    The Ultimate Wedding DJ Packages

    Why worry about hiring different vendors when we offer comprehensive wedding DJ packages? From ceremony music to reception dance floor hits, our packages include everything you need for an unforgettable day, including professional sound equipment and even a photo booth option for extra fun!


    Wedding Entertainment on the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast

    Not only do we service Brisbane, but we also extend our top-notch wedding entertainment services to the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. Our team is regularly perfecting our craft, ensuring that wherever you are, you’re getting the best wedding DJs in the business.


    Why Choose Our Wedding Entertainment Services?

    Our promise is to provide professional wedding entertainment that starts from the moment you contact us. With a dedicated event manager assigned for each booking, we ensure that your wedding entertainment services start off on the right foot. Our team will recommend other suppliers to assist in bringing your vision to life, from wedding musicians to reliable entertainment options like live music or a wedding band.


    Testimonials – What Customers Think of Star DJ Hire

    Don’t just take our word for it; hear it from our satisfied customers. We’ve been delivering memorable Brisbane weddings, and our reviews reflect the top-tier service we provide. Whether it’s wedding DJs or party lighting, we go the extra mile to make sure your big day is unforgettable.

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    Frequently asked questions

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    Why should I choose a professional Wedding DJ Brisbane service?

    Choosing a professional wedding DJ in Brisbane ensures that your wedding entertainment is in expert hands. A seasoned wedding DJ knows how to read the crowd, select the perfect songs, and create an atmosphere that keeps the dance floor bustling. With our experienced wedding DJs, your big day will be unforgettable.

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    What does a typical Wedding DJ Package include?

    Our comprehensive DJ packages come with all the professional sound equipment needed to make your wedding day a hit. From state-of-the-art speakers to reliable mixers, everything is taken care of to provide seamless wedding entertainment.

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    How do you choose the Wedding Music?

    Our extensive library allows us to cater to all your favourite songs and genres. Our experienced DJs will work closely with you to customise a playlist that reflects your musical taste and keeps your wedding guests entertained.

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    Do you have public liability insurance?

    Yes, our team of professional wedding DJs have public liability insurance, which is a requirement for most wedding venues in Brisbane.

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    What other Wedding Entertainment Services do you provide?

    Apart from providing top-notch wedding DJ services, we also offer a range of other wedding entertainment services. These may include live music options and photo booths to make your wedding day extra special.

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    Can you adapt to any Wedding Venue?

    We can adapt to any wedding venue, whether it’s an elegant wedding venue or a more intimate setting. Our equipment is versatile and portable, enabling us to provide exceptional service in any environment.

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    Do you provide Wedding DJ services outside of Brisbane, like on the Gold Coast?

    Yes, we also offer our exceptional wedding DJ services on the Gold Coast and other surrounding areas.

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    Can you recommend other Wedding Vendors?

    Certainly! Having been part of many memorable Brisbane weddings, we have connections with some of the best wedding planners, photographers, and vendors in the industry.

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    What is your policy on song requests?

    We’re open to song requests and encourage your guests to engage with our DJs to make the dance floor experience truly interactive.

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    How early do I need to book your Wedding DJ services?

    We recommend booking your wedding DJ service at least 6–12 months in advance to ensure availability, especially during peak wedding season.

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    Do you offer any discounts or promotions?

    Occasionally, we do offer special DJ packages or promotions. It’s best to get in touch with us directly for the most current offers.

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    What’s the process for setting up and breaking down the equipment?

    Our team will arrive well before the start of your wedding reception to set up the equipment and perform sound checks. Post-reception, we handle the breakdown so you can focus on your special day.

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    Why is Star DJ Hire Brisbane the Best Wedding DJ service for me?

    Our commitment to delivering high-quality, professional wedding entertainment sets us apart. We’re not just DJs; we’re your partners in making your wedding day the best it can be.