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How to Get Your Guests on the Dancefloor

By February 19, 2021 February 22nd, 2021 No Comments
wedding guests dancing on the dance floor

It’s not uncommon for people to view weddings as a formal occasion, especially since they’re an important milestone for the bride and groom. Although the marriage ceremony is a solemn event that often comes with a degree of ceremonious grandeur, that doesn’t mean that weddings have to be strict and lack fun. This is why wedding ceremonies don’t usually end after the spouses share their “I dos”. 

The wedding reception afterwards is where the party’s at, where everyone can unwind and be as festive as they can be. Unfortunately, there will always be guests reluctant to dance to the music. This is why it’s your job as an event organiser to get people on the floor!

How to get shy wedding guests on the dance floor

After the newlyweds take their first official dance as a married couple, it’s traditionally the time to allow everyone else to get dancing on the dance floor. However, not everyone is comfortable with letting loose to the beat of a good tune. Although it can be a simple and awkward issue, it can also ruin a momentous occasion for the wedding couple.

In this article, we’ll share three ways you can bring shy wedding guests to party on the dance floor.

1. Hire professional entertainment

There’s a reason why appearances and preparations matter for formal events. Guests noticing these rules and attractions make them feel like they have to perform or act in a certain way. For example, people wearing gowns and three-piece suits want to avoid ruining their clothes by letting themselves go where the moment does. This is why overly formal weddings can feel unintentionally restrictive.

Thankfully, there’s a secret to making people feel energetic even in high heels and dry-cleaned garments: music! A professional DJ can mix up a blood-pumping playlist that can bring your guests to the dance floor. Expert entertainment can give your guests the right excuse to let go of being too rigid for the wedding ceremonies to unwind and celebrate.

2. Introduce different musical genres

Sometimes, the music you choose can be alienating to the guests at your party. This is common for guests that have varying generational differences. For example, the bride and groom’s parents and elderly relatives may prefer something more old school, like jazz or swing. On the other hand, younger guests may find it more inviting to dance to pop or R&B. You can coordinate with your DJ on when you should mix up music genres to give everyone a chance at the dance floor. Don’t feel too restricted at the wedding theme, especially since there are no rules when it comes to the afterparty!

3. Take the initiative

The best way to bring people to the dancefloor is by taking the initiative for guests to follow! Who says that the event organiser’s job starts and stops with filing paperwork? If you double as the event’s emcee, you can seamlessly bring all eyes on you and invite everyone to have a good time on the dance floor. Once you get the first few couples on stage, they’ll end up tagging everyone else to participate!


It’s one of your goals as an event organiser to ensure that the newlyweds and all the guests have a good time. Although it’s a tall order to fill, there are many ways to lessen your workload. Hiring reliable collaborators, like DJs, caterers and logistics personnel, can make the event feel less of a hassle.

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