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4 Important Considerations You Need to Go Over with Your DJ

By February 12, 2021 February 22nd, 2021 No Comments
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Choosing and hiring a DJ are only the first steps in the process. To ensure that your wedding’s entertainment and ambience are just right, you need to go over a lot of things with your DJ. After all, there’s more to a wedding than just the music; every aspect of it needs to be coordinated for the event to run smoothly. 

Fear not; we have created this guide to coordinating with a DJ about your wedding plans. With no further ado, here are four event considerations you need to go over:

1 – The Logistics

Where will the wedding take place? When? Will the DJ provide the music for the ceremony too? How long will it take to set up at each location? Do the venues have sound systems of their own? Will the DJ need to serve as a master of ceremonies?

These are just some of the questions you can expect in your dialogue with a DJ. Depending on your wedding and your preferences, there might be more. Make sure to go over everything with your DJ to ensure it all goes smoothly. If the DJ you’ve hired is professional and experienced, they are likely to think of questions and concerns you might have missed.

2 – The Agenda

Weddings can be broken down into smaller events. A DJ’s role is not just to provide music; after all, they’re more than just glorified music players. A DJ can ensure that the events of the wedding flow smoothly into the next. For example, if the guests are taking a little long mingling about, the DJ can call them back to their seats and remind them of the time. 

3 – The Playlist

The DJ you hired likely has an encyclopedic knowledge of love songs that are appropriate for weddings. You can choose to rely on them for this, but it is still important to have a discussion even if it is just to provide a list of songs you don’t want to be played. After all, it would be a shame to hear a song you associate with a past relationship or a bad experience. 

Beyond that, they can also make recommendations about what songs not to play. After all, there are plenty of songs that are so often played at weddings that they’ve become cliche and outright annoying. 

Finally, if you and your betrothed have songs that are special to you, the DJ can play these at the right moments. 

4 – The Ambience

People have different preferences for their weddings. Some want to see their family do the chicken dance and the macarena, while others prefer something more serious and sombre. Make sure to speak with your DJ about the tone you want from the event so they can curate playlists that fit your style and preferences. 

Final thoughts

Planning a wedding is never easy, but the right DJ can make it easier for you. While you do have to think of one or two things, your DJ should lighten your load as much as possible. Their experience can bring structure and beauty to your wedding in ways you don’t expect, so long as you keep these considerations above in mind. 

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