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3 Things That Indicate You’ve Hired The Right DJ In Sydney

By October 26, 2019 No Comments
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There are so many good DJs in Sydney, so how can you make sure you’re choosing the right DJ for your event.

Genre and Vibe

Most DJs have a specific genre of music they love to work with. Think about what kind of music you want predominantly played at your event, and the overall vibe you’re going with. You’ll be able to speak to your DJ to figure out their knowledge of the genre and vibe you’re going for. Ideally, you want a DJ who can name songs off the top of their head which match the genre and feel you’re describing. Star DJ Hire have a huge team of DJs in Sydney, each with a broad repertoire, and also their own specific strengths. You can speak to our team to match a DJ with the specific vibe of your event.

Reading the Crowd

Music can often make or break an event, and it all depends on the vibe the music is providing. Your DJ should be able to read the crowd and play music which enhances the mood at the time. An experienced DJ in Sydney will be able to set the tone of your event, and keep pace with changes in the mood of the people at the event. Ask your DJ how they decide what music to play during the event, and if there answer doesn’t have anything to do with reading the crowd, put the phone down. Star DJs are specially trained to read the crowd, and play to the mood of the event, enhancing the overall vibe of the event.

Friendly and Flexible

You want to make sure your DJ is friendly and customer oriented from the first conversation. You may come across some DJs who are arrogant, especially if the DJ usually performs in clubs around Sydney. These types of DJs may not be accommodating and flexible during your event with things like song request, playing overtime or just being friendly, positive and energetic at the event. You want to make sure every conversation with your DJ in Sydney leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy, that way you’ll know your DJ is customer-focussed and overall a friendly person. Perhaps ask your DJ how they deal with song requests from guests, and their answer will let you know how friendly and flexible your DJ will be at your event. Our team are always focussed on you, and bringing your dream to life. Star DJs are also always prepared to take song requests, and may be able to play overtime to ensure you and your guests are all having the time of their life.


Reviews are often a great way of understanding whether a DJ is right for you. Star DJ Hire have numerous 5 star and raving reviews from ecstatic clients. Be sure to check out our reviews before hiring your DJ in Sydney!