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4 ‘Must-Knows’ When Looking for DJs for Hire

By October 24, 2019 No Comments
Looking for DJ for hire

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You have an upcoming event and it’s time for you to finalise your DJ, but you get stuck on what questions to ask?

What about the ‘normal’ price for a DJ?

Does the DJ come dressed appropriately?

These are all valid questions to think through when looking for DJs for hire. Let’s face it – it’s not every day that you’re looking for a DJ, so don’t be puzzled when you find it a little harder than first anticipated. Today, we’ll dive into the 4 ‘Must-Knows’ When Looking for DJs for Hire. There are hands-on tips that you’ll be able to apply straight away into your mission of finding the best disc-jockey!

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  1. Most venues will require the DJ to have Public Liability Insurance (PLI)

This is one that catches a lot of people out. They’ll book in a DJ, without asking the right questions in advance. They’ll find out that their venue requires the DJ to have a valid public liability insurance, but the DJ has no idea what this is. Surprisingly, it’s common for DJs in Sydney and Australia to not have these. However, this is an absolute must for those performing. It ensures that guests are covered in the event someone is injured or their property suffers damage whilst a DJ is performing. We’ve heard stories of people booking in DJs, paying the deposit (sometimes even the full amount!), and having to forego their deposit because the DJ doesn’t have PLI. Put it this way – when looking for DJs for hire, be sure to ask if they have this insurance. It’ll ensure you tick all of the boxes, and most importantly, it’ll give you peace of mind knowing they’re covered appropriately.

  1. Always have a conversation with your DJ about the ‘dress code’

This one sounds a bit funny also. Having a conversation with the DJ about the dress code? Isn’t that common sense? Well, yes and no. Yes because it can seem obvious to you. But no because everyone has a different sense of ‘fashion’, and depending on the type of event, the nature of dress code can change. A strikingly obvious example is a wedding, or formal event. Hiring a professional wedding DJ who has played at many weddings should know what to wear. However, a DJ who doesn’t regularly play at these events might not find it so obvious, and accordingly, may not dress as formal as required.

Another example is dress-up or themed parties. Having a discussion when looking for DJs for hire will ensure your DJ is kept in the loop with what’s going on.

  1. Confirm the arrival time with your DJ

We have seen on many occasions, a DJ arriving 10 minutes before the start time. They rush to get set up quickly, and they either just scrape through in time, or they start late. This isn’t acceptable, and you tend to start the event off with a sour taste in your mouth.

This one is simple, but often missed. When searching for DJs for hire, be sure to confirm the arrival time of your disc-jockey.

  1. Cheaper isn’t always the best option

With so many new technological advances in the DJ world, the price of DJ gear has come right down in recent years. The flow-on effect here is that the barrier to entry is a lot lower than historically, meaning there a lot more DJs in the market. This is exciting because it’s an amazing and beautiful craft. However, when searching for DJs for hire for your particular event, this might not work to your advantage. Newer and less-experienced DJs tend to charge on a cheaper scale of pricing. What we recommend is that you ask a few questions around the length of experience, type of events they’ve played at, and where they’ve played at to gauge whether they fit the bill or not. An experienced DJ will have years of experience playing at all venues in Sydney, including all types of events.

To wrap this up, we wish you all the best in your hunt for a DJ for your upcoming event. When searching for DJs for hire, take onboard these tips to cut through the noise and find the right disc-jockey for your event. Have fun partyin