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Wedding Ceremony Music: How to Choose

By April 15, 2022 No Comments

When planning your wedding, one of the most important decisions you will make is choosing the music for your ceremony. There are many different aspects to consider when selecting songs: the prelude, processional, and recessional. Each song sets the tone for a specific part of the ceremony and should be chosen carefully.

In this blog post, we will discuss how to choose the perfect songs for your wedding! You want to make sure that the music fits the style of your wedding and reflects your personality.


The prelude is the music that plays as guests are seated. It should be relaxing and provide a calm atmosphere for the ceremony to come. Some popular choices for preludes include classical pieces, instrumental versions of popular songs, or even your favorite love songs.

Here are some songs that you might want to consider for your Prelude:

“A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri

“Canon in D” by Johann Pachelbel

“The Prayer” by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli

But of course, you can choose the songs that are close to your heart and fit the mood you are trying to create. Most couples prefers the songs they have been listening to during their courtship as it brings back memories of how they started their relationship.


The processional is the song that plays as the bride walks down the aisle. This song should be upbeat and make you feel excited! It should also be something that can be easily recognised so that everyone can join in on the celebration.

Some popular processional songs include:

“Here Comes the Bride” by Richard Wagner

“Wedding March” by Felix Mendelssohn

“The Best Day of My Life” by American Authors

Again, you should choose the song that is most special to you and fits your personality. If you want to surprise your guests with a unique processional song, you can always choose an instrumental version of your favorite song.

Some brides chooses sentimental songs like “A Song for My Daughter” by Ray Charles as their processional song. It is a beautiful song that will touch the hearts of everyone in attendance. This is also the time when the bride, groom, and most of the guests sheds tears of joy, seeing the bride walk down the aisle and her groom waiting before the altar.


The recessional is the song that plays as the bride and groom leave the ceremony. This song should be upbeat and reflect the joyous feeling of the day. It is also a good opportunity to include your guests in on the celebration by having them sing or clap along. This is the moment when the bride and groom feels excited about their new life together and the possibilities that awaits them.

Some popular recessional songs include:

“I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston

“Here Comes the Sun” by The Beatles

“All You Need is Love” by The Beatles

Choose the song that is most special to you and how you’d want the mood to be as you leave the ceremony. If you want to include your guests in on the celebration, choose a song that they will be able to join in on. Most of the guests attention will be on the bride and groom as they make their way down the aisle, so it is a good opportunity to have them sing or clap along to the recessional song.

Now that you know how to choose the perfect songs for your wedding:

It’s time to start picking out your favorites! Make sure to take into account the style of your wedding, your personality, and the mood you want to create. With these things in mind, you can’t go wrong with the songs you choose for your wedding ceremony!

What if the bride and groom are too busy?

There are times that the couple are too busy to choose the songs. They leave it to the professionals and just let them choose what is best for their wedding day. This is not really a bad idea as long as you are comfortable with the songs that will be played on your wedding day. You can always give some suggestions or request a few of your favorite songs to be played during the ceremony.

Hiring a Professional Wedding DJ

When you hire a professional DJ for your wedding, you are hiring someone who is an expert in weddings. They will know the right songs to play during the ceremony and will be able to create a playlist that will fit your personality and mood. They can give suggestions for you to approve or choose from, but ultimately, it will be your wedding and you will have the final say on what should be played.

Ask someone to do your playlist

You can also ask your family or closest friends to choose the songs for your wedding ceremony. This can be a fun task for them and they will be able to include their favorite songs in the mix. Just make sure that you are comfortable with the choices they make and that the songs fit the style of your wedding.

Just make sure that you communicate with your DJ and let them know what type of songs you want to be played during your ceremony. This way, there won’t be any surprises on your wedding day!

It is your most special day, everything will be about you and your partner, so you have to choose the songs that will fit your personality. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so make sure that everything is perfect!