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Why You Need to Hire a Wedding DJ Instead of Going DIY

By March 5, 2021 March 12th, 2021 No Comments
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Planning a wedding can be one of the most challenging and stressful activities you would ever do. Usually, day-long formal events with hundreds of guests in participation require a lot of planning and manpower to pull off, not to mention a lot of money. Since weddings are a personal event, you have to do almost the same amount of work with just you, your partner, and maybe a couple of friends. 

That kind of setup would force you to go the DIY route where you need to do everything on your own. If there’s anything you’re not supposed to DIY, that’s the music and entertainment for your wedding reception. Yes, it’s easier to just put together a few songs and play them on repeat on your wedding day. In reality, it actually costs you more money than just hiring a DJ. Here are three reasons why hiring a professional wedding DJ in Sydney costs a lot less effort and money than a DIY entertainment option.

1. A DJ can easily develop a wedding playlist for you.

Sourcing out your music and downloading everything digitally will use up more of your wedding prep time instead of focusing on something else. Most of the time, you’ll be forced to do this at the very last minute or just delegate to a close friend. Imagine what it would cost you if you do this on your wedding day.

Your wedding will last for a couple of hours. Do you honestly think you can put up a playlist to accommodate the entire duration of the event? You’re going to need at least 150 songs to make an extensive playlist. Paying for that amount of songs can cost a lot of money. If you had to pay for all those songs, then you’ll be paying within the same ballpark as paying for a DJ, and that’s just the music.

2. A DJ knows the right kind of music equipment for your wedding. 

You probably have a couple of wedding volunteers, each with their own delegated tasks, including renting music equipment. Your wedding volunteers probably don’t know what kind of equipment would best go with your chosen venue. 

A professional DJ would know precisely what kind of equipment to use for how many guests you have. You don’t want to find out on the day of your wedding that the equipment you rented isn’t enough to accommodate all your guests. Knowing the equipment and the venue’s acoustics is part of a DJ’s skillset. They also have the technical knowledge to properly operate and manage the equipment during the event.

3. A DJ has liability insurance in case of emergencies.

Whoever it is you’ve assigned in the music booth for your wedding will have no idea what to do if there is an equipment failure. What more if an accident happens or the sound system suddenly causes an electrical malfunction. A professional DJ will have all the necessary licenses as well as property and liability insurance that protects you and your guests from unforeseen risks.


Don’t settle with going DIY on your wedding entertainment. Hiring a professional DJ who’s skilled enough to set up your music and entertain the guests is still the way to do it. It may cost just a little bit more money, but consider what it can cost you if your wedding reception is a complete failure.

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