Why An Experienced DJ Matters?

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Experienced DJ Matters

The music industry is continuously changing. This is the reason for the rise in popularity of Disc Jockeys or DJs. The role of the DJ in our current society is so much more than just playing and mixing music. The best way to describe them nowadays is an ’entertainer’.

Have you hired a DJ before and been frustrated? If the answer is yes, this is because of the different attributes required to be successful. This is why choosing an experienced DJ is important. What are some things to consider when hiring the right DJ? Let’s start at the top!

1. Experience

This is crucial and the key to ensuring your event is a success. Similar to most roles, the more experience you hold, the more respected you are with what you do. It takes years of playing at different clubs, events, and functions to be considered an expert! A DJ who holds at least 3 years experience is what you need to be looking for – the more, the better! This timeframe ensures that they’ve been through it all and dealt with all types of situations.

2. Technical Skills


With the continuous innovations in technology, access to becoming a DJ is becoming easier. With this, comes both advantages and disadvantages. The equipment of today have features that can make this art easy, including auto-sync (automatically matching the speed of songs) and master-tempo (automatically matching the pitch of songs). The advantage is that almost anyone can buy/hire equipment and partake in one of the most enjoyable (we think!) hobbies out there – an amazing hobby to let your creative juices flow! However, with access to this so readily available, the market is saturated with plenty of amateur DJ’s.

This art requires much more than some automatic mixing, including different types of mixing (like scratching), deciding which song to pick, connecting with the crowd (e.g. using the microphone as an MC at times) and reading the crowd! This takes experience with plenty of functions and is obtained through years of practice. Ask your DJ if they can beat-match or they simply fade songs in and out.

3. Professionalism

The appearance and demeanour of your DJ are another important point. All too often, we see DJs who arrive at bookings with casual attire and a casual attitude! Do you recall an experience similar to this? A DJ should arrive well-presented and fit for the occasion.

Generally, they should call you prior to your event to discuss logistics and special requirements, including a dress code (this is important as some events have a theme e.g. 80’s flashback party, Cartoon Dress up etc.) – communication is key here! They must be well-mannered and be able to interact with guests. Their general personality must be sociable and bubbly whilst remaining professional at all times.

4. Punctuality

Have you attended a function where the entertainment has arrived late? Punctuality is something you cannot ignore. How does a DJ provide certainty that they will arrive on time? What happens if they become unwell, what is their contingency plan? These are points that are often missed, but vital in your search for the right DJ!

5. Equipment


A lot of musicians and DJs will tell you that they have the ‘best equipment!’. What do they exactly mean by best equipment? For your convenience, we’ve compiled some of the most well-known and trusted brands for DJs. In terms of speakers, we recommend nothing less than QSC, RCF, and JBL. In terms of lighting, Chaveut is our favourite. For DJ equipment, the industry-standard is Pioneer! These are brands you want to be heard when speaking with your DJ. Quality is needed to ensure crystal clear sound and an aesthetic set-up.

Considering these five points when searching for the right DJ will help you in making an informed decision. A DJ hire agency like Star DJ Hire is highly recommended in this search. We filter out DJs to create a team suited to your requirements. We are a Sydney-based DJ hire agency with a team of over 20 versatile DJs.

Each has years of experience and are equipped with industry-standard gear – literally! We come dressed in our professional uniform (unless advised otherwise), and we are always punctual. Having a large team means that we also have backup DJs in the unlikely event of sickness or unforeseen circumstances. We guarantee our work and have plenty of positive reviews to support us! Whichever way you go, we wish you all the best in your search for the perfect DJ!