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What to Look For When Hiring a DJ in Sydney

By November 21, 2019 No Comments
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So it’s time to book the DJ for your big day. Here comes to the worrying concept of booking the first DJ in Sydney you see, who is literally just in the game to take your money, eat your food and enjoy a free drunken night out…

So how can you tell the difference between:

  • a Professional DJ: one who is going to take into account all your requirements and make your party the most talked about event for years to come; and
  • ●       a not-so-Professional DJ: one that is going to slobber over your new mother in law and leave you with a sore head and bridezilla at the end of the night due to all the unnecessary drama?

Well, we’re glad you asked, as we have composed a foolproof way of ensuring you choose the right supplier of party DJ hire for your big day.

1: How and where have they played?

When choosing an event DJ or party DJ hire it is important to consider whether or not the DJ has any ratings for you to view, ratings out of 10 by other brides can be a foolproof way of seeing just what the DJ is about. It’s a genuine perspective on how they are, and how they performed overall.

Are you aware of any awards the DJ has won?

Do they state any on their website?

Have you seen the DJ play at any other weddings or have you heard samples of their work?

If the answer is no to any of these questions, then maybe the DJ you’re looking at isn’t the one for you.

2: What incentive is there for them to perform well at your event?

Whilst this may seem like a bit of an odd question, as you’d think surely the answer is, “it is their job to perform well”, this is not always the case. Whilst you may think you are talking to the most charming, well-mannered professional person on the planet when discussing hiring a DJ, behind that persona may be the true them. Despite the money, you are paying them and any other benefits provided in their package, the most prevalent incentive in the DJ world is an independent rating system. This system allows you to rate your DJ based on their performance at your event, and it goes without saying that the DJ’s with the highest ratings are the ones that get picked the most for events.

So when choosing your party DJ hire supplier, be sure to mention that their performance will be rated, this way you can ensure that they are aiming for a 10/10 score on the rating system. If run for the hills at the concept of being scored then you had a lucky escape. Great DJs and DJ teams will thrive with this sort of challenge.

3: Do they offer discounts?

Whilst a discount may seem great in your eyes you have to look at it from the other side of the coin. A DJ that is willing to offer you discount months in advance of the big event probably hasn’t got a lot of bookings and is eager to secure the job with you. A DJ that states, when asked if a discount is available, unfortunately, it is not, is most probably one in serious. When it comes to your event, you need to weigh up what’s more important – the price, or the experience.

4: What happens if something comes up and they cancel last minute?

When booking your DJ in Sydney, you probably won’t consider the possibility of a last-minute dropout. If you ask the question and the DJ replies with “that won’t happen”, then chances are they have no backup plan in place, and no matter how good they are, no backup plan means no DJ at your event and that is not an option. The response that you are looking for is more along the lines of “whilst we do our utmost to ensure you get the DJ requested on your big day, sometimes things happen and in that case we have backup DJs available on standby”. This shows that your DJ is transparent and honest, and is aware that sometimes things just happen!

We hope that these tips are handy when deciding on your party DJ hire supplier. Stay the course friends, and enjoy finding the right DJ!