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What to Expect When Hiring an Acoustic Duo

By February 4, 2022 No Comments

Thinking of hiring an acoustic duo for your wedding?

One of the reasons why some clients thinks about hiring an acoustic duo is that this type of act is often seen as more mellow and low-key than a full band.

Another reason might be budgetary; an acoustic duo can often be booked for less money than a larger ensemble.

When you’re considering hiring an acoustic duo, there are some things you need to keep in mind. First, make sure the duo has a good repertoire that includes both classic and contemporary wedding music. Second, be sure to check the duo’s sound and lighting requirements; they may need amplification or a certain amount of space in which to set up.

Next, be sure to check out their performance videos online so you can get a sense of their sound and style. Finally, always get references from past clients and contact them to ask about their experience working with the duo.

Why should you hire an Acoustic Duo instead of a band?

Some people might think that an acoustic duo isn’t as powerful or exciting as a full band, but this isn’t always the case.

An acoustic duo can be a great option for couples who want a mellow and low-key wedding ceremony. They often have a large repertoire of music to choose from, and they’re typically less expensive than a full band.

Plus, an acoustic duo can be a great way to add some extra live music to your wedding reception. So if you’re on a tight budget or you’re looking for something more subdued, an acoustic duo might be the perfect option for you!

What occasions are acoustic duos highly good at?

Acoustic duos are perfect for a wide range of events, including weddings, corporate functions, and private parties. They can provide music for the entire event or they can be part of a larger band lineup. More often, acoustic duos are required during the quiet part of the event (like during dinner or when the bride is walking down the aisle) and then they’ll switch over to a more upbeat set for dancing. They are also best to play during cocktail hours, when background music is needed.

The acoustic duo that you are hiring should be able to play a wide range of wedding classics, along with some modern tunes as well. They may even have their own original songs available for your big day! It all depends on what you’re looking for in terms of style and repertoire. It is important that you hire an acoustic duo that is experienced playing for weddings; they should know how to adapt their music depending on the flow of the day.

Acoustic acts are also great for corporate events or holiday parties. They can provide background music for guests to listen to as they mingle, or they can perform during the dinner hour. Some clients hire an acoustic duo to provide background music when guests arrive and during dinner and then switch to a DJ hire for dance and more upbeat music after.

They are also great for private parties; they can play a wide range of music that will appeal to all guests. If you’re planning a more formal party and want to keep things classy, acoustic music might be just the right option for your event.

What does an acoustic duo consist of? What instruments do they play?

There are many types of acoustic duos that can be hired; it all depends on what style or sound you’re looking for at your event.

Some acoustic duos consist of a male and female singer who play acoustic guitars; this is probably the most common type of duo that you’ll find at weddings or corporate events. This combination can provide classic love songs as well as modern pop hits, so it’s perfect for any event! Some acoustic duos also include additional instruments such as violins, cellos, or even drums.

Be sure to ask the acoustic duo what instruments they play and what type of music they specialize in. This will help you determine if their sound is a good fit for your event.

Are they suitable for an event where people are dancing?

Acoustic duos are usually best suited for low-key events, where there isn’t a lot of dancing and people can listen to the music as they mingle. Some acoustic duos play upbeat sets designed for parties with more dancing; if you’re looking for this type of duo, it’s important that you ask them before hiring them because not all acoustic duos are equipped to handle a lively dance party.

Do they provide their own PA System/Equipment?

Acoustic duos typically provide their own acoustic PA System, which is good because they can play at any venue where there’s a sound system. The acoustic duo will also have microphones to amplify the vocals so that everyone in the room can hear them clearly; this way, you won’t need to hire extra equipment or rent space from other local businesses.

Will they learn a song for your event/wedding?

Many acoustic duos are happy to learn a special song for your event or wedding. This is a great way to personalize the music and make your day even more special! Be sure to ask the acoustic duo if they are willing to learn a new song, and provide them with a copy of the sheet music well in advance of your event date.

Do they provide music between sets?

If you’re hiring acoustic duos to provide music between sets at your event, they should be able to play a wide range of tunes that will appeal to all of your guests. They should also have the ability and equipment needed for background music during cocktail hours or meals; it’s important that their sound is relaxing so as not to distract from conversations.

So the next time you are planning for your event, consider having an acoustic duo. You’ll find that acoustic duos are great too than hiring other types of bands, especially with the wide range of options available!