5 Reasons Why A Wedding Photo Booth Is A Must

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Importance of Wedding photo booth

We all think about this question when planning a Wedding Photo Booth:

How do I keep my guests, including myself, engaged? A Wedding Photo Booth is the answer!

The countdown is on the big day, woo-hoo! As you plan for what will be one of the most memorable nights of your life, one you’ll have to consider is how you can make your Wedding as freaking awesome as possible. There are a few paths you can choose in terms of entertainment for the evening, but we firmly believe having a Wedding photo booth sits amongst the top activities. Everyone can join in, there are props to tone done the seriousness in the shot, it’s kid-friendly, the list literally goes on! Now, each to their own, but here are our 5 top reasons why you must have a booth of fun!

Wedding Photo Booth

People who aren’t dancers can have fun

Not everyone will be able to burn up the dancefloor like MJ. Some people are a little more reserved, or even, prefer to watch the festivities on the d-floor from afar. But, no longer will they be seated sideline! A Wedding photo booth is perfect for those that are intimidated, or prefer not to dance in public or even those who can’t dance! And that’s totally normal, you need to respect that.

The cure to this is the right photo booth. It’s perfect as it is a different environment, with a different approach for relaxing and having fun. It gives your guests the privacy they need to enjoy fun on their terms.

We get a lot of people revved up who will dance for a few moments, and then make their way to the photo booth area for the rest of the night for memorable snaps.

It’s a great social tool

We find that people will socialise a lot whilst in line, waiting for their turn. In the lead up to their snap, they’ll join forces to pick the right prop for them. They will also engage in general conversation as the line moves.

More magic happens in the booth!

Call it an ice-breaker if you like, but inside the Wedding photo booth, there will be plenty of joy and laughter. Think of the last time you saw one of these bad boys in action. Were the guests in the booth unhappy, or ecstatic? I’m sure in almost most cases it’s the latter.

Once guests leave, they’ll still be talking about how much fun it was. They’ll have photo strips with them which they’ll share around with other people. It’s a conversation starter, and a great one too!

The fun is flexible

You’re probably confused because we’ve personified fun. Well, why not? If we could describe the word fun, the definition would be the feeling guests get inside our booth!

Flexible fun refers to the fact that you can have as little as one person taking photos, or as many as 10-15 (with the right space). Having an open booth helps as space is a lot more open. Because there are no roofs, walls, or boundaries really, more family and friends can jump into the shot. See below for an idea of what an open Wedding photo booth looks like.

Wedding Photo Booth

There’s something to take home

Isn’t that a great way to cherish special moments? Having a tangible memento.

But what’s better? Two is better than one!

That’s symbolic two-fold here. Because for starters; a photo booth will print out two copies of photo strips. Number two, the photo strip will be a tangible and intangible memory. Two is always better than one, right?

Okay, seriously! Having something like this is perfect, especially for meaningful celebrations. A lot of couples will even purchase or add a photo booth to their package. This prompts guests to leave one of their photo printouts glued into the book, with a personalised message – this is honestly the perfect touch.

When looking to book your booth, ensure that you ask if the photo strips are customisable – this is a great place to start. From here, ask a few more questions to get an understanding of what is done to customise these strips. Can photos be added? Can words/fonts be changed? Ask to see a book of the templates they have available. Feel free to ask for examples of photo strips from previous Weddings too. This will speak your creative juices and will give you an idea of where to start for yours when it’s time.

Kids can have fun too!

Wedding photo booth will be the perfect solution to keep kids occupied and allow them to have fun while doing so. As long as the photo booth has family-friendly props, and the camera angle is positioned well enough that the kids are in the shot, they’ll be in for a treat throughout the evening.

Children love using their imagination. And they love getting into theme. Having items for them to dress is a perfect escape for them, and they’ll be having just as much fun as everybody else.

And there you have it.

Our 5 reasons as to why you MUST have a photo booth for your wedding.

Whether you’re booking this as a stand-alone entertainment solution, or as a form of additional entertainment, a photo booth is something you can’t go wrong with. In fact, we encourage everyone to book one in if they’re hosting a Wedding. From having fun before your shot (in the line, choosing your prop, inside the booth), to sharing others your crazy pose, what’s not to be loved? Your children can and will join in on the fun too! What a great way to keep the little ones occupied while formalities and completed elsewhere.

What are you waiting for? Explore, and find your booth today!

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