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3 Important Things to Say to Your Wedding DJ

By October 1, 2021 No Comments

Musical entertainment often takes the backseat in wedding planning, but it plays a starring role in setting the mood in reception parties. You spend months working hard to ensure your wedding unfolds the way you always dreamed it to be, so after the ceremony concludes and it’s time to party, you need the right entertainment to match the crowd’s mood. 

Hiring a DJ is one of the most exciting ways to hype the crowd, create a romantic atmosphere, and get your guests’ groove on, but they do not mind readers! While they’re professionals who know how to read the room, it’s still important to let them know important details to keep in mind so they won’t just play by ear. 

What You Should Tell Your Wedding DJ Before the Big Day 

1. Pronouncing Names and Any Family History They Need to Know 

Whether or not the DJ will also act as your wedding’s emcee, the fact remains that they will take centre stage in entertaining your guests. You wouldn’t want to cause any awkward moments if your DJ mispronounces your friends or family’s name, so if there are any unique names in your guest list, it’s best to let your DJ in the loop. 

If you’re experiencing any family issues—such as a recent divorce, strained relationships, and other sensitive topics that the DJ may accidentally bring to light, letting them know that they should be careful about interacting with your family can prevent any uncomfortable mishaps. 

2. Your Playlist and How Long the Songs Should Play 

Your playlist serves as the highlight of your background entertainment, the one that can enhance teary moments and create a lighthearted atmosphere. But other than playing your favourite top charters, it’s also important to reserve them for different moments in your wedding—from the introduction, first dance, father/daughter and mother/son dance, cake cutting, throwing of the bouquet, garter toss, and more. 

3. The Story Behind Your Love Song and Other Requests 

Many people have emotional attachments to songs since they meant something at a certain point in their life, so if you want to highlight your love song, it helps to let the DJ know your narrative behind your song requests. Who knows, they may do some magic to boost your moment now that they have a greater understanding of why you love that particular song. 

The Bottom Line: Always Communicate Clearly and Openly with your DJ 

After spending a heartfelt moment exchanging vows, celebrating your love with family and friends is the next half that can make or mar your wedding experience. The right DJ can play the top hits that can make anyone want to dance, but they can also set a moody vibe to highlight tear-jerking moments in between. 

The list above explores some minor details that can maximize your wedding DJ’s performance, so they can brighten up your celebration in ways that truly meet your expectations and beyond. 

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