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The Secret to Throwing a Great Party at Home

By November 19, 2019 No Comments
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Everyone knows that a house party is the ultimate social event. Unlike attending a bar or a club for your event, you can have it in your own home giving you complete control of the guest list, choice of music, what people eat and drink and when they leave. But, with every great life choice, great power comes with great responsibility, so it is so important to ensure you have covered every aspect of the party before it begins.

We would like to think that we know a few things about hosting a banging party, with DJ’s working all across Australia. Our Perth DJs have certainly learned a thing or two about what it means to throw a killer party. It would be unfair of us to keep all these tips and tricks to ourselves, so we have composed a list to teach you the secrets to throwing a killer party at home. Just don’t blame us for the mess, and hangovers; we have no secrets when it comes to avoiding these.

Choose The Perfect Guest List

A party wouldn’t be a party without guests, so the first choice you have to make when deciding on throwing a party at home is who you are going to invite. It is obvious that you are going to invite your mates, but consider people you know from all walks of life. After all, variety is the spice of life. Invite your workmates, get to know them a little more. Invite your neighbours – this kills two birds with one stone. If they are aware of your impending party they are less likely to be knocking on your door like a crazed serial killer at 11 pm begging you to turn the music down. The more the merrier, but within reason So, be sure that you can accommodate those that you invite and make it clear that only their close friends are also welcome as you don’t want a house full of randoms.

Tell a White Lie About When The Party Is Starting

Come on, let’s be honest, how many times have you been invited to a party that starts at 8pm and not decided to turn up until 10 pm, knowing that by then the party should be in full swing? Well, if you think like that then your guests are going to as well. Tell your guests the party is starting an hour before it actually is, this way everyone is there in time for the kickoff. You also have a few extra pairs of hands to help you with any finishing touches – #winning! Your Perth DJ will help set the right mood from the start, even if you have guests arriving a little earlier than anticipated.

Have a Theme

Every banging party has a theme. The excitement of buying costumes and getting dressed up really appeals to us. It is also a way to break the ice and show your goofier side. It doesn’t have to be super cheesy; a seven deadly sins party or 80’s theme always goes down a storm. Just be sure to inform all of your guests of the dress code so that no one ends up looking stupid. If you’ve booked a DJ, they’ll generally be more than happy to join in on the fun. Be sure to inform your Perth DJ of the theme, so they too can be involved!

Book a DJ

It wouldn’t be the party of the year without the best Perth DJ presenting it now, would it? A DJ will add the right amount of ‘spice’ and be able to control the mood of the event, from start to finish. They’ll bring along all the equipment required, and also make announcements as required. Music can be requested on the spot too, ensuring everyone gets involved with your party of the year!

Don’t Get Totally Smashed

Yeah we all know, it’s your party and you can get drunk if you want to. But wouldn’t it be better to actually be able to remember how amazing your party was? You also don’t want to peak early and leave all your guests in the other room whilst you have your own private cuddle with the toilet. Also no matter how many of your guests get totally wasted it is you as the host whose antics their going to remember, and in a world of Snapchat, is that such a good idea? You’re also responsible for the safety of your guests and your home so it is important you stay on the ball.

Introduce Your Guests To Each Other

This may seem like a simple concept, but as the night goes on it is one that often gets overlooked when a few too many drinks have been had. Guest are then left in the corner not talking to anyone and wishing they’d stayed at home; this is not a good look for any party. Your job as the host is to ensure all your guests are having a great time and to get people talking. Drinking games are a great way to break the ice and get tongue wagging and people bonding.

Lock Doors

You may have 50 odd guests arriving at any given time, and leaving your front door unlocked may seem like a great idea, so that you don’t need to keep running back and forth, but a banging party sparks the interest of others. And these ‘others’ you definitely don’t want in your house. So, lock those doors and use the short walk to the front door as an excuse to chat to guests on the way.

Plan Your Ending

No one wants a party to end, but after a night of fun, all great these must come to an end. Set a clear finish time, and get your Perth DJ to start to wind things up around 15 minutes before the end, so your guests start to get the hint.

Most Importantly, Enjoy Yourself

You’ve stressed out, cried and changed 15 times before anyone has even arrived so now it’s your time to enjoy your party!