Where Will The Sydney Wedding DJ Art Be In One Year

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Okay, so if you’re wondering whether the DJ art is dead, let me tell you:

It’s definitely not.

In fact, it’s just getting started…

We are in the age where Sydney Wedding DJ’s are more popular than live bands and other forms of wedding entertainment. Disc jockeys have become really popular because of their flexibility and versatile music ability during these events. They can speed things up during dance time, and slow things down for formalities. They can play a variety of genres on the fly which is what you want on your big day – to be able to cater to all.

Here are our thoughts on where the art of DJ’ing is heading.

DJing will become so ‘damn’ easy!

With improving technology and affordable equipment, a lot of Sydney Wedding DJ’s will hit the market in the coming year.

In fact, buying a complete DJ set up has never been easier, with DJ consoles starting from as cheap as $300.

That’s almost 1000% cheaper than the traditional CDJ set up (having two individual CD players/turntables and a mixer).

And the equipment keeps getting better, including easier to mix. The newer systems have become so damn good at ‘syncing’, almost anyone can do it. Syncing is a function that matches the BPM (beats per minute, or in other words, the speed of the song) between two tracks. It allows someone to transition between songs seamlessly. This advancement in itself is providing the opportunity for more people to become ‘certified’ quicker.

What you need to keep in mind here is that experience doesn’t happen overnight. To become a well-respected Wedding DJ in Sydney, you need to have played at hundreds to Weddings with varying crowds. This builds the skills and know-how to handle any Wedding, no matter the demographic or size!

Wedding DJs will become harder to book

Warmer months are fast approaching. We all know that these months call for a lot of celebrations like Christmas parties, formals, birthday parties, and so on.

In short, there is a greater demand Disc Jockeys with more events requiring a DJ, and not enough in the market to cater to all.

Add things up, and this generally means prices are higher during the warmer months and at the end of the year.

Booking in advance will be your key to securing a professional Wedding DJ. You’ll save money and the stress of having to look around last minute. Don’t do it to yourself, the last thing you want is another stressful matter in the lead up to your big day.

And finally, there will be a lot more ‘professional Wedding DJ’s’ coming to market.

This is due to the large amount of information readily available, supported by a huge amount of personal development courses. Some are directly related to DJ’ing, and some aren’t. Regardless, more and more DJs are taking their hobbies seriously and turning them into full-time careers.

There are a few bonuses here for a Bride and Groom looking for a Wedding DJ.

First, they’ll be a pleasure to deal with. Most DJ’s treat the art as a ‘hobby’, or ‘side income’. When you deal with a professional, the entire process will feel like they actually care. They’ll actually make time to come and see you. They will be always available to answer questions you might have. They will work on your big day with a smile!

Next, the DJ equipment that they use will be top of the range. This includes well-known brands in the industry like Pioneer, RCF, QSC and Shure to name a few.

But what does better equipment mean for you?

It means having amazing sound. It means having reliable equipment. It means having the best and getting what you paid for.

Also, they’ll have back-up plans. This is probably one of the most important points. When hiring an ordinary DJ, they’ll do an ordinary job. Similarly, when hiring an extraordinary DJ, they’ll do an extraordinary job. Hiring a professional Sydney Wedding DJ will mean that if things go wrong (and there’s a lot of times that things do go wrong), there’s a plan b, and plan c, and so on.

And this only comes with experience and extra-curricular training.

Only DJs who have plenty of Weddings under their belt and/or regularly network/attend DJ training events will know what to do in the worst-case scenarios. They’ll have spare speakers in their car. They’ll have a spare set of DJ equipment in their car. They’ll have your Wedding’s first dance song ready on their laptop, as well as USB and SD card. They’ll have a corded microphone ready to go in case the wireless microphones play up. They have back-up plans.

Don’t risk your Wedding day.

So, how do you find these professional Sydney Wedding DJ’s?

Here’s how: use the right online sources.

One great resource is Easy Weddings. It’s a central directory that allows you to search for plenty of great suppliers. You can see their ratÇing, photos, videos, and even ask the industry questions as a whole, where suppliers from all over the country will jump on to answer.

Another is Facebook. It will give you insight into the DJ or DJ company’s interaction and engagement with the community, as well as access to reviews and feedback from previous clients.

Instagram is a big one as you’ll get to see some raw content including photos and videos from the event. Scroll through their page to get a solid understanding of their brand; who they are and what they represent.

And there we have it– our views on where the industry for Sydney Wedding DJs will be heading over the next 12 months.

There’s a lot to take in, but we’re super excited for the journey ahead. The art of DJing is not dead. Rather, it’ll continue to grow as more and more people get involved in what is a magical hobby for some, and career for others.

Have fun in your search! Feel free to share any thoughts you might have on any of our socials – search for @stardjhire

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