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6 Essential Tips for Planning the Best Wedding After-Party

By September 24, 2021 No Comments
Wedding after party

It’s probably been a while since you’ve seen your friends and family in one place. With the hustle and bustle of a typical wedding event, it might feel like the celebration finishes all too fast. Keep it going with these ideas for throwing an after-party that your guests will never forget.

1. Plan Ahead of Time

Though impromptu trips to the closest open bar or club might be thrilling, if you know you’re the type of pair that never wants the party to stop, it’s wise to plan ahead of time. If you aren’t changing venues, make sure your venue accepts late parties and pay any additional fees that may apply. 

If you go to a different location, contact beforehand even if you’re confident the location won’t be crowded and would gladly accommodate your wedding crowd. If you rent another location, organise your after-hours event in combination with your wedding preparations. If planning your wedding teaches you anything, it’s that you can never be too prepared!

2. Hire the Same DJ from Your Reception

Supporting acts like DJs can mean the difference between a good and a FUN party. If you ask them to stay post-reception, they’ll usually be glad to do so. After all, it’s more pay and exposure for them. 

If you’re hiring the same DJ for the entire event, it’s easier to communicate the music change-up as you transition to the after-party. Your DJ can provide valuable suggestions on this part so you can achieve an ideal after-party vibe that fits you and your guest’s general tastes.

3. Invite All Guests

We understand that the after-party is primarily for younger friends and family members—fraternity brothers, sorority sisters, cousins, siblings and so on—but categorising the gathering by age is highly impolite. 

In the evening, older guests and children will most likely excuse themselves and choose not to participate in the additional celebration. In the end, you’ll most likely wind up with your ideal group anyhow, so why not be courteous and give everyone the choice of attending?

4. Ramp up the Decor

You’ve planned every detail to make wedding guests gasp when they walk into your reception room; aim for the same response when they walk into your after-party. You’ll need unexpected décor to amaze them once more, so choose a theme that differs from your wedding. 

If you’ve kept your wedding in a traditional, classic style, make your after-party a little more relaxed by handing out leis and offering tropical cocktails. 

Hire a DJ to play all your ’80s faves at the after-party if you pick big band classics for your wedding music. Have you had a laid-back outdoor ceremony and reception? Treat your guests to a Latin-themed after-party replete with a dance band, a mojito bar and hand-rolled cigars.

5. Don’t Stop the Music, Don’t Stop the Food 

Eating is essential throughout the reception and after-party, especially if alcohol is involved. Order appetisers or deliver for the party if you’re booking a space somewhere, such as a restaurant or hotel room. 

However, if there isn’t a handy method to order food before visiting a neighbourhood pub, stop at a food truck or takeout location for a quick snack. Everyone will feel better the following day as a result of the meal. You could have even neglected to eat at your wedding!

6. Plan a Safe Ride Home

After a whole night of revelry, the festivities must finally come to an end, and everyone must go their ways. Examine all of your group transportation alternatives to ensure that you and your guests arrive home safely. 

Contact local cab and bus companies, or go all out with school buses, horse-drawn carriage rides and pedicabs. The possibilities are unlimited, so make sure everyone gets home safely!


This may be the most important party you’ll ever give yourself, so you may as well enjoy it to the fullest. Be selfish on your big day, extending the enjoyment as long as possible. We’re confident that your guests won’t mind celebrating and enjoying your love for a little longer.

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