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iPod or Melbourne DJ for your Event?

By November 22, 2019 No Comments
Melbourne DJ for your event

Well, believe it or not, one question that gets asked a lot when planning a wedding or party is, “do we really need to hire a Melbourne DJ or should we just use our iPod instead?”.

Whilst we could sit here and say “hell no”, “book us”, “don’t be daft”, the answer is dependant on a lot of things, the main ones being your budget and whether you want a fun or lame party – we’re being serious, haha!

So, is using an iPod a sure-fire way to get your guests dancing and enjoying you party at a budget price? 

Well, it can be…


What about your best friend that hates your music choice, knows where your iPod is and is sure to skip to his/her favourite tracks playing the same one 5 times throughout the night?

Or, that power cut that came just as your battery was low?

A quiet party is not a good one, let’s be real here. Technology comes with errors, frozen tracks, not to mention the adverts that may be present within your playlist (unless you’re a high-roller and have a premium account on your selected streaming service!).

We understand that it’s almost 2020 and technology rules the world. It’s appealing to want to save a few bucks on a wedding or party DJ in Melbourne. We’re not saying it will be a complete disaster by any means. You could hire top of the range speakers, have the room sound checked, and make sure you switch from music to microphone with no interruption keeping people on the dance floor. All this is, in fact, possible. However, it can be quite tricky to get it tight, and, it can also a real pain in the backside.

Let’s take a look at the difference between using your own iPod and hiring a professional Melbourne DJ.


Professional Melbourne DJs are trained to tune the equipment properly to best fit each individual space.

It’s not enough just to believe that you can just plug in your iPod into a regular speaker in a large room and expect the sound to be of good quality and loud enough for everyone to enjoy. You also don’t want to be met with people telling you to turn the music down as you’ve blown the eardrums of everyone on the dance floor.

Pro tip: Hiring proper equipment can often be expensive. That cost is built into the cost of a Melbourne DJ.

Running a Smooth Event

Wedding DJs are a sure bet your party will go off without a hitch – but it needs to be the right Melbourne DJ. Great wedding DJs are often very good at MC’ing, knowing when and how announcements should be made. From getting the crowd on their feet when the wedding party enters the room, right down to announcing the cutting of the cake and the first dance. When using an iPod you will be relying on one of your guests to make this announcement meaning that fails to take part in big parts of the occasion. You also need to take into consideration, their experience with a microphone, how likely are they to drop the “F-bomb” or shy away when it comes to making an announcement in front of hundreds of people – another unnecessary problem when using an iPod that can be solved by hiring a professional Melbourne DJ.

Ability To Read The Crowd

This ability is plumbed into the DNA of any professional Melbourne DJ, and whilst you may think that your iPhone is a part of you, it is not human and it is not able to provide an intimate performance for your guests.

There is no doubt that you can build a banging playlist, that’s going to get all your guests grooving, but if you drop your iPod on shuffle, then you run the risk of playing tracks, in a very interesting order.

A great DJ can read the vibes of the guests. They can understand the kinds of music that everyone is cheering for, keeping you and your guests on the dancefloor without anyone having to run off every few songs to change tracks.

Pro tip: your DJ will take requests. So there are no worries about not hearing the songs that you want to during your big day. After all, your DJ is here to make sure your day is exactly how you want it.

While an iPod may seem like an easy, cheap and convenient way to play music at your celebration, there are many pros and cons to consider, to ensure that your day runs smoothly.

Good luck with hunting your Melbourne DJ – enjoy the process!