10 Undeniable Reasons People Hate Canberra Wedding DJs

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How to hire a Wedding DJ in canberra

But DJ’s are such lovely people, right?

They start at the party.

They keep the party going.

Surely there can’t be reasons for people to hate Canberra Wedding DJs.

Well, there are a whole bunch of reasons that we could muster together after a quick brainstorming bonanza! Some that quickly come to mind are having a DJ not dress appropriately, having a DJ that’s too nervous for the entrances, or having a DJ who brings a friend along without prior permission. In this read, we’ll let you know about 10 that really strike us. And we’ll give you some pointers to make sure that you’re well informed, and on the right side of the deal when hiring a Canberra Wedding DJ.

They don’t provide guidance and support throughout the booking process and in the lead up to the wedding.

Okay, now this one ticks us off because it’s so damn important! Your DJ should be your guide when it comes to organising and planning music for your big day.

If there’s anything you can take out of this read, I’d say take this: make sure you have a consultation booked with your DJ or DJ team.

Having a consultation gives you the opportunity for you to discuss how you envision the night to flow. Your DJ/consultant can then walk you through the different formalities of the night, and provide some suggestions from their professional experience. They should come along with a laptop (or phone at the least) to play different songs they recommend for key moments (entrances and first dance for example). Further to the initial meeting, they should be available to answer and other questions that come to mind in the lead up to your wedding day.

They don’t wear appropriate attire. It’s a formal event and they need to dress the part.

Remember when you applied for your very first job? You definitely went to great lengths to look good! The saying, “first impressions last”, is so relevant here.

This is one point that’ll definitely make people hate Canberra wedding DJ’s.

Time and time again we hear about weddings where the DJ has arrived in a less-than-formal outfit, where they stand out from the crowd for all the wrong reasons. We’ve seen this in person too and it’s not a pretty sight. Your DJ should be well-groomed and wear a darker colour formal clothing likes pants, button-up shirt, jacket and shoes. A simple way to ensure your person looks the part is to ask them for photos of herself at previous weddings, or even by asking them directly what type of outfit they’ll be rocking.

They bring someone to help and ‘hang out’.

Okay, this is just so cringeworthy that it’s hard to believe DJs do this. It gets awkward for the venue also as they need to consider if they provide an unpaid meal. Your guests won’t know that person, who could potentially wander off and mingle with the crowd. This is again, another situation that most people hate. And can you blame them? A professional Canberra wedding DJ should never ever bring anyone to help and hang out on the job. When hiring the right person, you’re also paying for the professionalism and right attitude.

The DJ can’t mix properly and just fades songs in and out.

This creates a messy transition and will have guests confused and disappointed. Have you ever been caught out on the dancefloor not knowing what song is being played, and pulling faces at the transitions because you can do a better job on your iPod? Mixing music is very important as this will drive people to join the party. It can make or break the vibe. Jumping between tracks without a proper flow is a sure way to get people off the dance floor and out the doors! Proper transitions ensure a continuous mix, and in turn, a continuous party!

The DJ has a poor choice of songs which leads to an empty dance floor and upset,  sometimes even angry guests.

There’s nothing more upsetting than listening to songs you don’t know or are familiar with. Worst of all, you discuss your songs with your DJ, but they go completely off track. A seasoned Canberra wedding DJ should be able to play the songs requested by you, as well as read the crowd to add their own flavour. They should be an entertainer and have the ability to connect with the crowd. How many times have you been to a celebration when the DJ simply presses play, including playing songs that don’t flow nicely one after the other. We can name a few!

The DJ doesn’t have strong interpersonal skills, which is a problem when guests approach them to converse or ask for song requests.

How ironic is that; having the life of the party, be anything but the life of the party. One of the worst things to have is a DJ who is rude and arrogant. There’s no denying that guests will talk to your DJ. They need to be bubbly and energetic, yet professional. People will request songs, and there is a certain approach they’ll need to take to handle this in the right way.

The DJ doesn’t bring a professional set up and doesn’t tape down their cables to make it look neat and presentable.

Wires, wires, everywhere – ahh! Have you ever seen those bungee looking wires scattered on the floor and around the table? Sometimes even around the decorations from the venue or florist. Number one, that’s dangerous. This is a big no-no! Number two, it’s ugly. Not having professional equipment and cables tied down leads to some very embarrassing photos. And the DJ will be in plenty of shots as they are generally situated right next to the dance floor. Hiring the right Canberra wedding DJ will keep you safe from danger and ugly shots.

The DJ becomes too involved in the party and starts to drink on the job.

This sounds a bit far-fetched, but we’ve seen DJs drink to the point of being the most intoxicated at the event. There’s no denying that this reason will lead to many people hating your DJ. We don’t need to go into too much detail on this point because the simply fact of the matter is this – your DJ is there to keep yourself and your guests entertained by way of music and not dancing on tables.

The DJ doesn’t have public liability insurance, which makes it a problem for venues that require this.

This is also a problem for you as there is no peace of mind that they’re covered in the event of an issue or accident. A professional Canberra wedding DJ will always have an up-to-date Public Liability Insurance certificate. It’s always best to be on the safe side with these things. This certificate is also a quick indicator of how seriously your DJ takes their job.

The DJ doesn’t say goodbye/farewell properly and just leaves at the end of the night.

Similar to a point we mentioned before, this is another pet-peeve of a lot of people. Leaving without properly wishing well to everyone can come across as very rude. A well-mannered DJ will approach the Bride and Groom to personally give his best wishes, before commencing to pack-up. Once all of the equipment is packed, saying bye to whoever is leftover (including the venue staff) is the right way to go!

Yes, they are quite a few reasons that spring to mind when we talk about reasons people hate Canberra wedding DJ’s. Keep across this and make sure you do your research before booking. Having a consultation with your DJ beforehand and asking lots of questions are some easy ways to stay ahead of the game. Good luck in your search!

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