8 Resources That’ll Make It Easier When Hiring A Canberra Wedding DJ

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Okay, let’s all agree on one thing… Wedding planning, including searching for the right Canberra Wedding DJ to make the celebration, takes a LOT of effort!

What if we said we have tips to make planning easier for you? Sign me up!!!

With the internet, we have so much going on in our head, online and in the marketplace. When searching for the right suppliers, you need to have a well-thought-out plan of attack. This will allow you to cut out all the noise to get you directly to where you want to be, a solution. In today’s read, we’ll provide you with 8 must-have resources when booking a Canberra Wedding DJ.

Now, don’t be mistaken by the simplicity in this approach – sometimes the best things in life are free!

And the best part is… these resources can be used to help find any supplier for the big day!

So congratulations on the engagement, let’s buckle up and get into it,

Facebook is your friend

Social media is where you can find the character of your DJ. Whether it’s an individual DJ, a DJ with a team, or an individual DJ with a team, Facebook will allow you to get to know whoever you’re researching a little better.

Facebook used to have a rating system out of 5, but this has recently moved to a new ‘recommendation’ system. Facebook users are able to let the community know if they recommend someone or not, and this must be supported with a minimum character count – ensuring the integrity of the recommendations.

Searching someone’s Facebook account will also give you access to different photos and videos. This is the perfect opportunity to see what they’re like in action!

Google doesn’t lie

Google is another resource that must be on your list. Search your Canberra Wedding DJ on www.google.com and on the right-hand side, their Google business details should appear. Have a look for any reviews posted by customers. There should also be a section titled ‘Reviews from the web’. This will show any other reviews from relatable websites.

Product review is an independent review source

Yes, some reviews can be falsely provided online. A great platform to search for independent and unbiased reviews is www.productreview.com.au. This is a paid platform, so the business has to pay a monthly fee to allow customers to review them. Customers must also provide a proof of purchase/service for the website to post their review. Businesses also cannot amend/delete any reviews made on here. This drives a transparent environment and reinforces the integrity of the platform. Check out our reviews using Product Review.

Instagram is king of photos and videos

To get up even closer and personal to your Canberra Wedding DJ, we highly recommend that you check out their Instagram page. This is a place to post photos and videos, and you’ll normally find very interesting content here. From quotes to beautiful photos, wedding entrance videos to longer video summaries, this needs to be a resource you look into when deciding on your DJ.

Youtube for longer videos

To gain access to longer videos, Youtube is the place to go. Just quickly though, Instagram has recently increased the length of video you are now allowed to post, so they’re definitely going after Youtube with this move. Regardless, this is a place you should look into to see your supplier in a different light, and sometimes with different content also.

Easy Weddings is your marketplace for everything – think of it as the Amazon of Weddings

The Amazon of Weddings – Woah, that’s a big call!

And rightly so; with suppliers in pretty much every category!

Easy Weddings is an online directory, and as the name so obviously states, it’s niche is the Wedding industry. When looking around for your Canberra Wedding DJ, this is one place you have to check out. This platform has special offers, the ability for suppliers to answer any questions you might have in a forum setting, a huge variety of suppliers, a review system, as well as a very easy-to-use interface. You can play around the filters to refine your search, with options to help with location and type of supplier. Remember to leave a review with whoever you decide to go with – the reviews go a long way for suppliers, and is a very nice gesture!

Spotify and Apple Music makes organising very easy!

Both Spotify and Apple Music have the ability to create playlists. We highly recommend that you use these resources to seamly create a playlist of the music you like. You’ll even be able to search existing playlists to give you some inspiration when arranging yours. Once complete, you can simply share with your DJ – and you’re done. It’s a small tip that can save you hours of time.

Create a new Google Gmail account specifically for the Wedding

This one is for the organisational freaks, the OCD event planners.

But it’s actually for everyone. Setting up a central email address will mean that all email/correspondence is stored in one central place. If you use Google, you can even use Google Drive to store documents/important information to the online cloud. An example of an email address is [email protected].  Your Canberra Wedding DJ will thank you when it comes time to meeting them, as any of the required information is only a click away. Overall, you’ll be much better placed as everything required/discussed will be stored online, and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Gone are the days of you being restricted to information being accessed only from your office.

Use these tips to your advantage

Earlier, we mentioned that the resources mentioned would be simple. And that’s because they are. These are resources that we probably already use daily, without realising the true potential when applied in other areas of our life – or in other areas of our wedding planning. As a little bonus, we’ve created a list of our Top 3 Wedding venues in Canberra.

The ideas collated here are a result of working within the industry for many years. But we doubt that these are the only pro-tips that are alive. If you have any that really stand out, we’d love to know! Share your ideas at [email protected]

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