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Cake Cutting Tunes to Delight Your Guests at Your Wedding

By May 6, 2022 No Comments

It’s your big day! You’ve planned, you’ve prepared and now it’s time to cut the cake. But what music should you choose to set the mood and make your guests smile? We’ve got some ideas for you! Whether you’re looking for something classic or want to get a little more creative, we’ve got the perfect tunes to make your cake cutting experience unforgettable.

You have probably thought of the songs you’d like when you walk down the aisle, but have you considered what you’ll play when it’s time to cut the cake?

The cake cutting is one of the most important and photographed moments at your reception. It is a light-hearted tradition and can get hilariously messy, so you want a song that will get your guests laughing and smiling.

To help you decide on a soundtrack for your cake cutting ceremony, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite cake cutting tunes that will surely make everyone smiling.

From RNB to Top 40, you are sure to find something that will suit your taste, just as you found the right cake design and flavours for the most important event in your life.

Keep reading to know why these are our favourite tunes!

How Sweet it is (To be Loved by You) by James Taylor

A crowd-pleaser classic tune, this feel-good track is perfect for a cake cutting. The lyrics are all about how amazing it feels to be loved, which is what your wedding day should be all about. We guarantee that your guests will be singing along and clapping their hands by the end of the song!

This song is a favourite among generations, so it’s perfect for a mixed crowd. It’s fun and upbeat, but not too fast that things will get out of control. Surely, your grandparents and even your cousins and friends will easily get along with this tune.

Cake by the Ocean by DNCE

This is one of the newest songs in our list, but it’s already a reception staple. It’s fun, flirty and perfect for a summer soirée. The lyrics are all about having your cake and eating it too, which is what we all want on our wedding day!

Your guests will be dancing along to this one in no time, so get ready to cut that cake!

We think that this tune is perfect if your wedding is during summertime. The beat is perfect for a hot day and will get everyone in the party mood.


Sugar by Maroon 5

With a bouncy beat as well as Adam Levigne’s signature high vocals, this song will surely be a favourite among the younger ones in your wedding. The lyrics are all about how sweet love is.

This fun tune is perfect for a laid back cake cutting. You can even have your guests help you with the chorus! We guarantee that they will be singing along by the end of it.

Love on Top by Beyonce

Want to give your cake cutting an RNB vibe? Here’s the tune for you!

This song is perfect for a fun and upbeat cake cutting. Beyonce’s powerful vocals will surely get everyone in the party mood, while the lyrics are all about love.

The lyrics and tune is hip and sexy, you can imagine yourselves dancing all the way to the cake table.

This Will Be (An Everlasting Love) by Natalie Cole

The fresh and sparkling feel of this song is perfect for any part of the wedding. It has a classic feel but with a modern twist that makes it perfect for a cake cutting.

We think that this tune is perfect for couples who want something romantic but not too sappy.

Better Together by Jack Johnson

Planning for a tropical destination wedding? This song is perfect for an island vibe reception.

The lyrics and tune of this song is perfect for a summertime or destination wedding. The beat is easy going and will get everyone in the mood to relax and have fun.

We love how this song celebrates love in all its forms, with a laid-back and acoustic feel, it will have you swaying with the beat as you taste your wedding cake!

How Sweet It Is by Michael Buble

That old Hollywood vibe for your cake cutting? This standard tune will give you just that!

This crooner’s take on the Marvin Gaye classic is perfect for a couple who wants to add a touch of glamour to their cake cutting.

Lover by Taylor Swift

A more recent track, this song is perfect for couples who want a modern take on a love song.

The lyrics are all about being in love and celebrating it. This upbeat tune is perfect for a fun and flirty cake cutting. With strings in the background, it’s sure to add a touch of elegance to your reception.

Yummy by Justin Bieber

This is the perfect soundtrack for you to enjoy every bite of your wedding cake!

Better When I’m Dancing by Meghan Trainor

This upbeat tune is perfect for a fun and festive cake cutting. The positive energy of this song will put you in the mindset for a beach or paradise themed wedding.

So there you have it, our top picks for cake cutting tunes to delight your guests at your wedding! We hope that you find the perfect song for your own special day. Thanks for reading and happy planning!