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Australia’s #1 Air ft. Australia’s #1 DJs

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Okay, okay. Yes, it might be a big statement, but we actually think these guys have Australia’s best air.

Psst, and on the DL, we’re pretty confident we’re up there in terms of DJs…

BUT, we don’t say that lightly. We genuinely believe this because we put our heart and soul into delivering the best events across Australia when any one of our DJs is hired.

For this particular event, Daikin were looking for Sydney DJ hire, and reached out to us. They briefed us on the nature of the event, and we were delighted they did. This event was to celebrate a successful 50 years in business. Quite a milestone, hey? When discussing the particulars, we knew that Luke would be the perfect DJ for this. Luke is professional, yet energetic and bubbly – the perfect mix for what Daikin were looking for.

The venue was locked in for the William Inglis Hotel. If you haven’t been, or even heard of this spectacular venue, we urge you to ‘google’ it and check it out for yourself – or click here! The auditorium with the venue is massive, and the staff are very lovely.

The room was decked out in a presentable way, and the sound system provided by the venue was more than enough. I’d say this system would pack a punch for almost any celebration you plan to have here.

Throughout the room there were elegant decorations, including a gorgeous #Daikin50 light-up letter feature.

The night was filled with a tonne of fun. There was a talent quest throughout the evening, and can we say, did this bring joy to everyone. There was a mixture of genuine talent, and people just having a go and enjoying it. Luke provided DJ assistance with music for the performances, and assistance on MC duties where required.

After all the formalities were completed, it was time to open the DF. When it comes to Sydney DJ hire, our team genuinely loves what they do. For Luke, there was absolutely no exception, and he ripped the dancefloor, taking requests, and joining in as required.

The secret is to join in wherever possible – and to dance a little!

Guess what…!?

If pictures tell a thousand words, videos must tell a million! We’ve compiled the highlights on the night, with Luke narrating at times, into this bite-sized video. Have a look, and tell us what you think in the comments below!

(EMBED VIDEO /https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hb-281vq2M)

It was so much fun, and I wish we could go back. If you’re planning your next event, and you require Sydney DJ hire services, get in touch with us today! We’ll be glad to assist with any questions you have.

Oh, and if you’re after Luke, let us know too – he’d be super keen in getting involved with your event!

Signing out,

Star DJs.