5 Answers to FAQ’s about Sydney Wedding DJs [Wedding Planning Tips]

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FAQs about wedding dj sydney

With a wedding being one of the most exciting and important times of our lives, there’s no explanation needed as to why we want to be as informed as possible on this topic. We get all sorts of questions all of the time, and we love being a source of knowledge for the bride and groom’s to be. In today’s read, we collate 5 of the most frequently asked questions about the wedding DJ Sydney topic and answer these as best as we can. If you have any questions that come to mind, email or call us – we’d love to hear and help.

Question One: What equipment do I need for the reception?

Answer: This depends on the size of the wedding reception. They vary from smaller numbers of 30 up to larger numbers of 1,000+. The most common number of guests would be around the 80-150 mark. For an audience of this size, we recommend at least 2 powered speakers, 2 lights, a microphone and the DJ equipment. This will give you great sound, and some lights to add to the atmosphere for when the dancing commences. The speakers should also be set up on either side of the bridal table where possible (for better and clearer sound). Most DJs should have the mentioned equipment as standard with their package. It’s always a good idea to ask your DJ/DJ company what’s included just to be sure! Note: some people will charge additional prices for equipment hire.

Question Two: Do all DJ’s have the appropriate insurances for venues?

Answer: When searching for wedding DJ Sydney, not all DJ’s will have the right insurances. This is definitely an area you want to bring up in conversation, and early on too. We’ve had a few customers come to us to book a DJ, after leaving a deposit with another DJ who had no insurance, having the venue refuse to allow the DJ to play.

Question Three: Can DJs play music throughout dinner, and change to suit the key items in schedule?

Answer: Absolutely! It’s not uncommon for couples to hire bands and/or other musicians for the dinner section of the evening. However, DJ’s can also accommodate by playing ambient music, or even acoustic versions of songs (our favourite approach!). This can actually be very cost-effective if you find the right DJ. Note: If you decide to book a DJ, ask them what type of music they’d play through the moments where people are eating and socialising. Some DJ’s taste might not be aligned to yours, so it’s best practice to ask!

Question Four: What time will the DJ normally arrive?

Answer: The DJ should arrive at least one hour before the start of the event – a little earlier doesn’t hurt! Generally speaking, a wedding DJ Sydney should be able to load their equipment into the venue in 15 minutes and set up in 30 minutes. Having the DJ arrive a little earlier is always ideal to give a bit of a buffer for accidents/traffics that might delay the journey to your venue.

Question Five: Can a wedding DJ Sydney DJ take requests on the night?

Answer: Every DJ has the ability to, and should take requests on the night. This ensures everyone is involved and makes for a very fun atmosphere. With this said, the DJ should also filter requests to make sure the right songs are played at the right time.

Wrapping It Up!
We hope the answers to these frequently asked questions help you. There are many other questions that come up when talking about the wedding DJ Sydney topic, so be sure to reach out to us for help. Good luck in all the planning and we wish you all the best!

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