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4 Practical Tips You Need When Organizing a Corporate Event

By April 5, 2021 No Comments
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Organising a corporate event is no easy feat. All the schedules, speakers, meal planning, venue setting are just some of the things you need to take care of whenever you plan a corporate function. The event itself can be fun, but the organising and coordination can be quite tedious and stressful. To lessen your burden, here are some tips you can follow to effectively organise a corporate event with as little hassle as possible.

Event Planning Tip #1: Focus on the Purpose of Your Event

Most corporate functions are informational or educational in nature, relating to training, new systems and processes, or maybe even a rebranding effort. They can be celebrations for company milestones like anniversaries, mergers, or even fundraising for a charity. Whatever the reason is for organising the event, you need to focus on that and put it at the centre of every decision you make.

To avoid losing focus on the purpose of your event, start by defining and describing it using a 30-second elevator pitch. Then, start brainstorming with your team on the specifics of the event. Identifying the “Why” first helps you answer the other questions that will guide you to your organising efforts.

Event Planning Tip #2: Determine Who Your Attendees Are

Every event is also tailored to a specific audience and should appeal to what they want or expect from an event, such as the one you’re planning. Corporate functions are usually a large gathering of like-minded people that are there for a specific purpose. Will your guest list be comprised of upper management only? Will it include all company employees? Which guests are you going to invite for the conferences, meet-and-greets, luncheons, etc.?

Event Planning Tip #3: Stick to Your Budget

Before even settling on a venue, lodging, catering, premium event DJ, etc., you need to establish just how much budget you have for the entire event. Whatever your budget is, you need to adhere to it and avoid overspending. Start by creating a comprehensive list of everything you need for the event, including the amount of money you can allocate to those needs.

When considering your budget, you need to think about the most critical components first and start eliminating things that are not completely necessary. The venue and transportation often require the most considerable portions of the budget, so make sure you allocate enough on those two. Once the major necessities are taken care of, you can start allocating for the smaller ticket items.

Event Planning Tip #4: Don’t Forget to Plan for Some Entertainment

Any event wouldn’t be complete without some form of entertainment for your guests. It’s a chance to have some fun even if the even is still related to your work. You can have some engaging programs and activities for the guests. If they’re not the sort of people to enjoy those things, you should at least provide them with some musical entertainment. Hiring a premium event DJ can be just the thing you need to lighten up the atmosphere at your event. You can always coordinate with your DJ on what type of music would go well with your function’s theme and purpose.


Whenever you’re planning to hold and organise a corporate event, don’t lose sight of the purpose of your event. Use it as a guide during the planning process and prioritise the basic necessities first. If you need help, hiring an event planner is also an option.

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