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3 Steps for Finding the Perfect Wedding DJ: Our Guide

By March 22, 2021 No Comments

The perfect wedding is often an idea that can only be turned into reality when the right details are put into place for a plan of a dream ceremony to follow through.

Although there is no denying that the idea of a picture-perfect ceremony is one that is subjective and completely dependent on personal preferences, there are key factors that every type of celebration relies on. If you’re keen on ensuring that you get to live out your childhood or adulthood dream and want to make your wedding a night to remember, then you will surely make the details work.

With your special day just around the corner, it’s important to not lose sight of whipping every detail into shape as you count down the days until you finally get to tie the knot. Amid all the panicking and planning that’s taking up your daily agendas, it’s important to ask yourself one question before you move forward with your plans: “Did I choose the right DJ for my wedding yet?”

A step-by-step guide to follow

Beyond the location, guest list, catering, officiating, decorations, flowers, and logistics, another one of the most important aspects of your wedding that you’ll need to take care of is the music. Yet, finding the right mix master to take care of what will arguably be the most important moment in your life can be difficult because of how much higher the standards need to be.

Fortunately, this is why we’ve gone ahead and prepared a step-by-step guide that you can use to choose the perfect wedding DJ:

Step #1: Begin your search

Thanks to the Internet, starting your wedding DJ search no longer needs to be tedious because of how search engines make it easy to conduct even the toughest of searches.

Once you type in “wedding DJ Melbourne” or “wedding DJ and MC Sydney” in the search bar and press enter, you’ll end up having at least a few thousand options to consider. If you see a name that stands out to you or simply don’t know who to choose, you can jump to the reviews pages and easily pick a handful of talented professionals to get in touch with!

If you want to speed up your search process, you can just contact Star DJ Hire to learn more about how we can help your wedding dreams come true!

Step #2: Get in touch with your chosen professionals

After scouting and choosing a handful of professionals that can take care of your special day’s musical requirements, you can narrow your choices and seal the deal with a few meetings. 

While each wedding DJ that you’re considering has something unique to offer, an in-depth call will shed light on which option can best suit your needs. As you continue to talk about plans with a DJ, you should ask these questions that will best inform your decision:

  • “What kind of services can you provide?”
  • “What are your prices like?”
  • “What kind of value can you bring to our ceremony?”
  • “How long have you been doing this, and how many events have you performed at?”

Step #3: Finalise the plans

Now that you’ve taken care of your search process, all you’ll need to do to wrap up your DJ search is to talk about prices, schedule, and plan out what you want to happen during your ceremony. At Star DJ Hire, we walk our clients through a thorough pre-wedding planning process that covers all the bases so that they can best accommodate any changes or improvements to the program flow! 


As you continue to deal with the various aspects of your wedding day that need extra care and attention, it’s especially important to ensure that you find the right wedding DJ for your special occasion. Fortunately, you won’t have to go through a trial-and-error process because following this guide closely will allow you to find the best entertainer possible in no time! 

If you’re looking for a wedding DJ in Sydney that acts as the finishing touch for your dream wedding day, Star DJ Hire is here to help. Get in touch with us today so we can help you start planning at your earliest convenience!