5 Things You MUST Have For Photo Booth Hire Sydney

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MUST Have things for Photo Booth Hire Sydney

You’ve booked someone for Photo Booth Hire in Sydney

You step up to take your photo, and the camera freezes.

You look around in confusion and there’s no one there.

What do you do?

We’ve seen it plenty of times at events around in which Photo Booth Hire Sydney and i’m sure you have too. Photo booths are magnificent machines. Guests can interact with the booth itself, be creative with how they use the props, strike interesting poses, and just have downright fun!

Things can go wrong when booking your booth, so you want to make sure you’re well-informed when doing this. We’ve compiled a list of 5 tips that really stand out for us. They include tips to ensure there’s a way to fix any issues on the spot (if any arise), how to get the most out of your booth, and how to make things easier for you.

You must have a photo booth attendant

When looking for photo booth hire Sydney, this is a non-negotiable. You need an attendant onsite, full-stop. We see photo booths set up, and then left to run unattended, which if fine – until the machine experiences an unexpected software or hardware issue.

Then your guests are looking around scratching their head…

…and you’re on the phone to whoever you booked with.

Having an attendant will be a benefit for a number of reasons. The first is in cases of any issues as above. They regularly work with the booth and will be able to ‘diagnose the machine’ in a matter of moments. To those thinking how often this happens, yes, it might be rare for this to happen. But we always refer to being prepared rather than left short on the day of your event. The last thing you want to do is run around trying to sort out a frozen camera issue, or blocked printer (with no key on hand to unlock the case, let alone clear the printer).

Your attendant will also be an indirect supervisor of the guests. We’ve seen many occasions where someone has pushed the screen too hard, or ‘rested’ their arm on a frame or backdrop, only to break it. This is especially important when you have guests who are intoxicated, or a party for school formals (kids go absolutely nuts in the booths!).

Now you’re starting to realise how handy a photo booth attendant actually is. But wait, there’s more. These attendants will guide the flow and queue at the booth, to ensure no one is ‘hanging around’ too long whilst there are others waiting. The attendant will have a professional approach with a warm and friendly smile.

We’ve seen unattended booths where props are taken out of the prop area, destroyed, and even left all over the floor. Once the guests have cleared the booth area, your attendant will clean up the props and keep everything tidy and presentable to prevent this.

You must have the option to customise your photo strip

Hey, it’s your event! The last thing you want is a standard design. In fact, you want anything but standard. This is why having the option to customise your strip is a must. People searching for photo booth hire Sydney need to be sure to ask for a catalogue of the different designs available. Some places will even allow you to give a few words that describe what you want, and they’ll design something completely unique!

The font is another element you’ll want to factor in to give it your personal touch. Head to https://fonts.google.com/ for a library of stunning fonts. Pick one that you like and ask your team to apply it to your design.

Layout is another piece for consideration. Do you want your photos to be printed twice onto a 6×4 sheet and split down the middle for 2 strips? Or maybe you want one photo in the traditional 6×4 photo? Perhaps even a larger photo with a smaller one. Let your creativity spill and decide what you want! See below for some examples.

6×4 with Vertical Cut

Photo Booth Hire Sydney

6×4 with Horizontal Cut

Photo Booth Hire Sydney

6×4 Single Photo

Photo Booth Hire Sydney

You must get UNLIMITED prints

Let’s face it, there’ll be a lot of posing and fighting for the best shot. The booth will get packed and you’ll have guests lining up for their turn.

Imagine a ticker counting down how many photos and prints there are remaining?

In the photo booth hire Sydney industry, we have seen people charge per photo, or restrict the photos to a limited amount. Normally, we’d give you both sides to an argument, but for this, we see no benefit to charging or limiting your shots. Bottom line, make sure you’re getting an unlimited amount of photos and prints within your hire time.

You must get a photo book

This little beauty adds a whole heap to the photo booth experience. Having one of these will allow your guests to leave a message for you. By the end of the event, you have something beautiful to hold onto for a lifetime! Some packages will include this and some might not – be sure to ask!

If you’d like to get creative and save some money on purchasing a leather photo book (usually around $50 or $60), I suggest heading to Typo. You’ll be able to snap one up for around the $20 mark, and there are some amazing designs!

When it comes to the photo strip layout, if you’re printing single 6×4 photos, be sure to ask if you can have two copies print at a time so your guests can have one to keep after pasting one copy. For the 6×4 layouts with a cut in the middle, you’ll automatically get two copies after the cut. When looking for photo booth hire Sydney, this is a big one that many people miss!

Photo Booth Hire Sydney

You must get an online gallery with your package

The event is done and later in the week your guests are asking for digital copies of their photo. Sharing is caring, and having something taking you back to your event with your family and friends is an awesome feeling. Traditionally, people would mail a USB with all of the photos to you after your event. This would take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks. The best way to receive your photos is via an online gallery.

Having an online gallery is great as the photos are presented in a dazzling format.

It’s also quicker as the photos can be uploaded and the link to access it simply shared. These online galleries will also have social media sharing buttons, making it even easier to send to loved ones. Being online, guests can also choose to either download individual photos or the entire album – yay for being super easy!

And there it is, 5 must-haves for photo booth hire Sydney

We hope this makes this easier for you in your search for photo booth hire Sydney. There are some big points here that people often miss. Let’s do a quick recap of what we’ve covered:

  • You must have a photo booth attendant
  • You must have the option to customise your photo strip
  • You must get UNLIMITED prints
  • You must get a photo book
  • You must get an online gallery with your package

Now head out there well-informed, and be sure to have fun! The whole idea of hiring a photo booth is so that you and your guests have a tonne of fun.

PS – if you’re hiring a booth for an upcoming Wedding, here’s a write up of why you must have one.