Why You Shouldn’t Hire an Amateur DJ for Your Wedding

By November 27, 2020 December 7th, 2020 No Comments
Amateur DJ

There are certain things that you should splurge on for your wedding, like the food and the photographer, and other things that you can definitely save on, like bridesmaids dresses and decorations. However, one of the things that a newlywed couple won’t regret spending on is a professional DJ to spin at their wedding reception! 

Hiring an amateur DJ might be tempting—after all, they can play a few tracks and get away with it, right? However, this is a common misconception that often leads to boring receptions that wedding guests and the couple themselves can’t fully enjoy. 

Here are the five reasons why you should never consider anything less than the biggest DJs in Australia to spin at your wedding:

1. Cheap or Free DJs Tend to Cancel Last Minute

Booking a DJ way in advance is the best way to secure him or her services for your wedding with no questions asked. The problem with amateur DJs is they’re flaky; they’re probably using what they charge you to finance their hobby. Once they’ve got your reservation fee, half the job is done. It’s common for these same DJs to not show up to do the job on the day itself, or cancel prior to the event.

2. Amateur DJs Have Substandard Equipment

Apart from the actual tracks and mixes that a professional DJ will play at your wedding, their equipment will ensure that you have the best sound mixing possible. That way, the music is at the right level and played at the optimum quality! 

Amateur wedding DJs will often compensate for the lack of good equipment by pumping up the volume so loud that people have to yell over each other to get a word in. Contrast this with a professional DJ, who will balance the sound so that seated guests can still speak to one another while the dance floor is thumping away with the bass.

3. Wedding DJs Need Wedding Experience

Professional wedding DJs do so much more than just play music. They contribute a lot to the wedding program by accompanying the sound system with the flow of events during the reception. They will work with the other vendors in managing the guests, reading the crowd, and playing the right song at an opportune moment. Even the best club DJs won’t be able to ride along with the wedding program because they lack experience for those particular events. 

To kill two birds with one stone and ensure your program goes smoothly, hire a wedding DJ and MC wrapped up in one. This way, they can work with your host to deliver a great program!

4. Inexperienced DJs Don’t Know How to Read the Crowd

Keeping people on the dance floor is not as easy as it looks. Professional DJs don’t just hit the play button and let the tracks move from one to the next. They’re experts at mixing and are prepared with an arsenal of music that they know how to use depending on who they’re playing for. Amateur DJs are typically not the best entertainers and can’t switch things up to energise the crowd. 

Although some couples may think that providing requests to an amateur DJ will be enough to keep the party going, it still takes a certain skill level and experience to work with requests and keep up a good set. 

5. Amateur DJs Have No Backup Equipment

There’s always bound to be some technical difficulty during a large event like a wedding. The best and most experienced DJs will come prepared with a fully functional backup system to ensure that music will be playing no matter what. This is regardless of whether the DJ’s laptop crashes or a speaker blows up; there should always be a Plan B! 

It’s in your best interest not to hire a DJ who doesn’t have a backup in case technical difficulties arise.


Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and creating an experience that is as memorable for you as it is for your guests should be a priority! By getting a professional DJ and opting not to rely on an amateur, you’re creating a great experience that will be in your memories for years to come after you’ve danced your wedding night away. 
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