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3 Simple Ways to Start a Dancefloor in a Wedding Reception

By August 27, 2021 No Comments
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For most people, weddings are a once in a lifetime experience where two people sign vows out of their love for each other. Although it’s mostly considered a formal event, many families are trying to break the mould in terms of what happens after the sacred ceremony.

Receptions are fun venues where the married couple can genuinely express themselves and bond with everyone attending. It’s usually to have food, drinks, and other fun activities throughout the night. But opening the dancefloor is among the most exciting parts of a wedding. People can let loose and enjoy the moment along with good music and killer dance moves. 

But how do you get everyone moving along to the sound of music? Here are a few tips to start the jive right away.

Choose a Good Lighting

Lights are always a great mood-starter. By choosing brightly coloured lights, people can quickly get into the vibe of a party. It’s great to start the night with white and yellow lights while the guests are still having dinner. But as the night comes to a close, the lights should transform into colourful ensembles.

Most venues nowadays offer various coloured lights for all types of occasions. People would only need to ask which lights are available to use during the event, and the organisers should provide their light sets. However, lights should only be used to complement the music and set the dance floor’s mood. 

The venue doesn’t have to be too dark, just enough to set the ambience from formal to casual in a snap.

The Groom and Bride Should Start

People attending weddings are all about seeing the star of the hour, the groom and the bride. If you want to start a party, the party should begin with you. Therefore, stand up and get the party started as soon as the ceremony and dinner are over. If possible, do all the chatting while everyone is seated and eating their meals. 

Being the first pair on the dance floor will prompt other present couples to join in on the fun. Probably even the aunts and uncles will join in the circle. If the mood is right, people will start dancing to music for all ages and generations. Always remember that the party begins with the newly-wedded couple and everyone will simply follow.

Don’t Stop the Music

Dancing is about feeling the moment and the established vibe. If people are still dancing and the mood is still correct, then there’s no reason for you to stop the music. Even if announcements need to be said, they should never be a reason for the music to stop. As soon as people stop hearing the music, they will automatically find their seats, which can kill the party’s vibe.

As long as people are still enjoying themselves, the mood, and the party itself, let it be. People know when to stop, and they won’t as long as they are still feeling it. For now, sit back and relax and enjoy seeing everyone live their best life.


Weddings only happen once for most people—be sure to throw the best party as much as possible. People should enjoy the night and celebrate the fun of being together while celebrating other people’s start of a new chapter.

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