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Wedding Logistics: How to Create Your Wedding Playlist

By August 20, 2021 No Comments

Wedding planners have a lot on their plate to consider, from choosing flowers to picking the right venue. It’s even more of an issue if the wedding planners are the couples themselves. While it may seem like an easier job for the bride and groom to handle these details, it can be an overwhelming responsibility.

Variables That Affect Wedding Playlists

With any occasion, it’s important to set the appropriate mood for the event’s purpose. For example, a birthday party needs to be festive and fun to excite the guests. On the other hand, funerals should maintain solemn and melancholic music to calm the bereaved. Since sound plays a key role in setting the tone of the occasion, wedding ceremony playlists need to be a combination of celebratory and sentimental when necessary.

Before you create a shortlist for your wedding playlist, here are four things you need to consider:

1. Set Your Song Count

Songs ideally last for 2-3 minutes long, which should give you a decent estimate of how many songs you need for an hour or so. Although wedding ceremonies’ lengths can vary, you can segment different parts of the wedding to account for three key events: the two processionals and the recessional. After choosing your pick for these three, you’ll need to set transitionary tracks to keep your wedding’s auditory moments consistent.

2. Consider the Wedding’s Theme

Finding the right song is all about reflecting the bride and groom’s personality or matching the tone of their relationship. Some couples play a memorable tune, like a song from their first date or a concert they went to together. Whatever your prospects are, make sure the song fits the theme of the wedding. This is why the elements of the occasion, from the venue to the dress code, should match.

3. Study the Song’s Background

While some songs may seem like a fun choice for a wedding, they may secretly have some less than desirable connotations. For example, the Police’s hit “Every Breath You Take” may seem like a romantic choice for a slow dance or entrance. However, its underlying meaning is thematically about obsession and the thoughts of a lost lover. Considering the nature of a wedding as a lifelong partnership makes it a horrible choice to accompany one’s entourage.

Be mindful of the lyrics and even the thematic meaning of the songs you’ll pick. Remember that songs aren’t all about ambience, especially if you want to create a great wedding experience.

4. Consult with the Venue

Most traditional wedding ceremonies are held at places of worship like churches or temples. While unorthodox wedding venues are becoming more popular, there’s still an appeal to making it official with the institution of your lifelong faith. Since these are spiritual places of worship, you need to consult with officiants to see if they’ll accept certain songs to be played at the wedding.

Some conservative venues are very particular about playing religious songs only. On the other hand, others may be fine with instrumentals for modern songs. Remember that you’re only borrowing a venue, so you need to act accordingly under the guidelines of your reservation.


Every logistical decision for a wedding needs to be handled with precision and preparation. Since it’s a once-in-a-lifetime milestone, you should never rush it with the wrong options. Thankfully, you can still craft an appropriate wedding playlist even if you’re not all that familiar with music options. With a professional wedding DJ’s help, you can avoid the learning curve of building the perfect wedding playlist.

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