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3 Things to Consider before Hiring a DJ for a Birthday Party

By September 17, 2021 No Comments

For people who are about to celebrate their birthday this year, chances are they would like to make it stand out from the past years. Yes, things haven’t been easy recently, but that doesn’t mean that no one is ever allowed to party anymore.

You may be one of those who are looking forward to this day, and you may only have a few weeks left before you add another number to your age. While it is generally simple to plan an event with the help of your friends and family, one thing that may require your utmost feedback and attention is the hiring of the DJ.

It may seem easy just to call up a random DJ, ask them to show up on your birthday, and wait for that day to arrive. However, there are a couple of things that you must consider first before you may even get to hiring one.

If you are curious more, consider this quick and easy guide:

Pick a DJ You’ve Seen Perform Before

One of the best ways of picking the right DJ for your party would have to be through experience. You may look for one through close friends or family, or perhaps someone whose work you’ve already experienced. 

If you were able to get a glimpse of their skillset in mixing music while pumping up the crowd, then you may have already had a general idea of their abilities and strength. Think of that as a sampler of what they can offer towards your birthday party and pick them if ever they could impress you the last time.

Pick a DJ Who Understands Your Preferences

You wouldn’t want to hire a DJ who wouldn’t even play your favourite songs, let alone ignore all your requests during the party. Understandably, they are the professionals in this line of work, and they know what they are doing. 

They still have a say when it comes to their playlist, and they have an exact knowledge of the equipment they’re going to use. However, all of these things would amount to nothing if they wouldn’t even incorporate your favourite songs in the mix.

Pick a DJ Who Will Offer Their Services at an Affordable Price

While hiring a DJ doesn’t necessarily come cheap, you must remember that they also have standardised pricing for their services. Make sure to search for alternatives if ever your first option is asking too much. 

Consider this: They will have to bring their own equipment for the event. They may also need a helping hand to manage all that equipment. In such a case, it is your responsibility to put all of that into account. 

Discuss the price and let the DJ know the hours and the duration of the party. By knowing those details, they may come up with an estimate that may fit your budget.


Having a DJ at your birthday is an excellent way to excite the crowd. While not all celebrations have them, hiring one for your special day will make it a lot better compared to your recent parties. As with all decisions in life, you need to evaluate your options to avoid getting a short end of the deal. 

Picking out a DJ you’ve seen perform before, choosing one that respects your music preferences, and going for the most affordable choice will definitely make your celebration unforgettable and one for the books.

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