Getting a Wedding DJ: Here Are Some Things to Iron Out

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Wedding DJ

It is your wedding day, your loved ones are there to witness the most important day of your life, but there is just one last thing to prepare—making sure that the DJ is there to set the mood right completely. 

The DJ has the responsibility to set the ambience of the whole event, providing music that is both tasteful and brings life to the party. As such, you have to make sure that you are able to communicate the details thoroughly! Remember, the vibe of a wedding DJ will be different from that of a birthday DJ when hired, so ensure that you both have the same understanding of how you want your wedding to go.

The DJ also has the responsibility to give out the flow of the wedding celebration, along with any other major announcements to take care of. Considering the important role of a DJ, you and the DJ must have a complete understanding of the details regarding the wedding. This should be done at least a week before the wedding day!

Here below are the five major details to run through your premium event DJ of choice before the day of the wedding:

Highlight when to play the more important songs

When it comes to weddings, it is imperative to build up the romantic vibe of the event. You need to make sure that the timing is just right to get the desired effect! Carefully set up the highlights of the wedding so that your DJ will know exactly when to play the right songs. Make sure that the songs chosen have great value for you and your partner—this will make the impact much more memorable!

Ensure that they know how to pronounce the names correctly

Like in any major event, you would not want anyone mispronouncing the names, especially the names of the celebrants. Discuss with the DJ days before the event—teach them how to properly pronounce names, specifically the bride and groom’s, parents’, and any other important guests.

Go for songs that have sentimental value

It is your wedding, so you need to plan out the songs that you would like to listen to on your special day—something that has value and can tell a story, even if it’s something only you and your partner can relate to. 

Pick out the songs that you don’t want to be played

Aside from the list of songs that you want to hear, there should also be a list of songs that should be avoided for personal reasons. This is because music can easily change the set mood of the celebrants and guests. A good tip is to list down songs that you and your partner dislike, something that might bring back bad memories.

Ask if the DJ is capable of doubling as an Emcee

Part of being a DJ is also working as an emcee. You need to inform them if you want them to perform with emcee entertainment as it might be a great way to keep your guests attentive. As an emcee, your DJ will have to interact with your guests, making it a great idea to have them take some of the attention rather than having it all on you.

Looking for the Best Wedding DJs in Australia

Don’t settle with just any DJ—you should be able to find the most suitable one. Remember, not all DJs can create the perfect wedding playlist and simultaneously play them at the right time. It takes an experienced professional to find out whether the timing is just right—and by ironing out the details beforehand, you both can develop a positive experience for everyone!

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