3 Things to Know When Hiring a Sydney Corporate DJ [Number 2 Will Shock You!]

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Hiring a Sydney Corporate DJ

Hiring a DJ for your corporate event might seem like a small task, and it is. But the weight of the decision you make is huge! If you’re simply calling up and booking on the spot, you’ll want to rethink that approach. As with anything else, the key is doing your due diligence so you’re informed and comfortable with your decision. Not doing so has some consequences you’ll want to steer clear of!


Now, we’ll start with one of the most obvious points; the music. This seems so simple, yet it can be very complex – confusing, right? The reason is that DJs without the right experience will not be an expert in this field. In fact, they’ll lean more towards the genres they’re used to. A lot of the time, this means playing EDM (electronic dance music), or a niche genre. It’s only natural for them to stay close to what they’re used to.

Sydney corporate DJ needs to be very flexible in their approach, and understand who they’re playing to. When looking for the right DJ, they should be asking you probing questions about the demographics of your staff to clearly understand what music will flow! If not, be sure to bring this up to them. This point is a conversation starter and will hint at whether or not they’re the right person.

Now, in most cases, the demographic will be quite varied. This will mean that your DJ should play across the most popular genres. This will include disco, 70s hits, 80s hits, 80s funk, 90s hits, Aussie classics, and current top 40. If they’re not comfortable with these genres, I’d hesitate in booking them.

We’ve heard about a few corporate events where not much research was made into a DJ, and the music on the night made it feel like a ‘doof-doof’ festival. When asked to switch the music up, they were unable to play anything else. This is exactly what you don’t want.

Pro tip: Ask your DJ for a mix, or for a summary of previous corporate events they’ve played for.

Dress Code

Now we say this one will shock you because to most of us, this just seems like a damn obvious one! It’s something that can easily slip your mind when planning if you haven’t hosted or organised many/any events before. When hiring a Sydney corporate DJ, it is a must to discuss the dress code with them.

All too often, we see lazy attire. In other words, the DJ will arrive dressed in something that doesn’t suit the mood, or theme.

If it’s a black-tie event, let you your DJ know.

If it’s a Hawaiian-themed event, let your DJ know.

If it’s a cocktail event requiring them to be dressed in a suit, let your DJ know.

If it’s a casual event, let your DJ know.

You get the idea, right?

We came across this great site that gives you a snapshot of the different types of attire – check it out here!

Without notifying them, they might arrive to your black-tie event in ripped jeans and dirty shoes. Or, they might arrive to your Hawaiian-themed event looking dapper in a three-piece suit. In both examples, the DJ isn’t aligned to the dress code of the event.

Hiring a DJ who has experience in corporate events should give you confidence. They will know the flow and formalities of the event and come dressed according to your plans for the event.

DJ Equipment

The quality of the equipment provided will make a huge difference to the success of your event. We’ve seen scrawny speakers set up to events hosting 400+ people. The quality is terrible and you actually feel embarrassed when you ask your DJ to turn up the volume but they can’t.

As part of booking a Sydney corporate DJ for your event, you must have a conversation about the equipment being used. For any event hosting over 150, you’ll need more than 2 speakers if you want clear sound. You want to ask what branded speakers are being used, and stick to premium names like RCF, QSC and JBL.

The lighting set up is something you’ll want to look clean. A couple of sound-activated lights turned on when the dancing commences is perfect. Be sure to have this discussion with them, as again, some people bring very cheap looking equipment. At the same time, some people try and turn these events into music festivals. A conversation here can lead a long way!

Pro-tip: Adding up-lights around the room can transform the look of your event – highly suggest this!

Wrapping Up!

These are 3 big points to look out for to avoid absolute disaster at your corporate event. Especially around this time in the lead up to the end of the year and Christmas parties, you should take your time to cover these points. In doing so, you’ll be sure to hire a well-suited Sydney corporate DJ and being the talk of the town at work! Good luck in your search!

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