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5 Tips and Tricks for Choosing the Right Wedding DJ

By January 29, 2021 February 22nd, 2021 No Comments
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The hustle and bustle of planning a wedding can get stressful. There is no small task in wedding prep, whether it’s designing the invitations or planning the menu. Even just the smallest mistake can lead to a cascade of catastrophes that can sour the mood of your big day. 

To help make this process easier on you, we have created a guide to choosing one of the most important fixtures of your wedding: the DJ. The DJ is more than just a glorified music player; they are talented masters of ceremony who can manage and facilitate the day’s events. 

However, we are not here to sell you on the advantages of hiring a DJ. We’re here to give you tips and tricks for choosing the right one. With no further ado, here they are:

1 – Ask about their experience

That DJ who’s only been in the business for two or three weeks will be a less viable option than the one who’s spent years at countless weddings. After all, if a person is to get better at something, they have to do it repeatedly. The more weddings a DJ has done, the better they likely are at managing the task.

Any professional worth their salt will also be completely willing to provide you with a portfolio or references. After all, experience and skill developed over time are unique selling points that cannot be outshone. 

2 – Examine the venue

Not all venues provide the same amenities. Outdoor venues, for example, are not likely to have a sound system in place for music and entertainment. Some event venues might have subpar equipment. By figuring out the limitations of your venue, you can narrow your search to DJs who can bring or provide their own gear. 

3 – Listen to their playlists

As professionals in the music industry, experienced DJs are likely to have playlists ready for certain events and programs. Before you finalise any sort of agreement, listen to the playlist. After all, if music is their most important function, the music they provide should be both good and to your liking. Anything less, and your own wedding might feel off. 

4 – Observe their process

More often than not, a DJ will customised playlist just for your event. What matters here is how they make it. Do they ask you about your tastes? Do they send sample playlists your way for your perusal? Do they ask you about the sequence of events? When all their answers satisfy you, then you’ve found the right one. 

5 – Gauge their skills

As we mentioned before, DJs are more than just glorified music players. They have a complex set of skills dedicated to the improved ambience and smooth flow of an event. A DJ is a host, announcer, and event manager all rolled into one. Make sure the DJ you hire is equipped with all the skills you need. 

Final thoughts

For your wedding to proceed with as little stress as possible, you must have the best team behind you. No good wedding team works without the right DJ. With the right person at the helm (or, in this case, the turntable), you might just have your dream wedding.

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