3 Important Reasons You Need to Hire a DJ for Your Wedding

By January 18, 2021 No Comments
Hire a DJ

The role of a DJ, especially at a wedding, is so much more than just playing music. They are in charge of two things at a wedding: ambience and entertainment. Hiring a DJ can make the difference between a good and a bad event. With the right person at the helm, you might just find your guests happier and more satisfied.

If you remain unconvinced of why you need to hire a DJ for the music of your wedding, read on as we discuss some of the advantages they offer.

1. They can set the mood

There are few things that can evoke emotion as music can. A DJ can curate a playlist to convey all the happiness and love at a wedding. What better way to draw those tears from your relatives than to let the happy couple dance and dip to a beautiful crescendo from a romantic love song? 

While the decorations and other visual aspects of the wedding might be there to impress you, the music is there to help you feel. There is no better person to do this than a professional DJ who has revolved their career around music. And of course, a DJ can get the crowd on their feet and grooving to the beat when the time comes! 

2. They can lighten your load

Some people think that they can handle the music of a wedding by simply connecting their phone to an aux cord and shuffling a wedding playlist on Spotify. This, however, fails to account for certain things. Does the event venue have the proper equipment? A sound system? Who will change songs when it needs to be changed?

The management of this stress is something you do not have to carry. You can leave all this to a DJ you hired. Better yet, they can tailor a playlist to your preferences and mood. They might also be able to provide their own equipment if needed. In some cases, you may even choose to have them serve as master of ceremonies if you need one. 

3. They can help move the day along

DJs often coordinate with wedding planners and organisers to ensure that they are fully aware of the day’s events. That means they can control the timeline so everything moves along swimmingly. 

Guests can also be directed over the sound system about the ins and outs of the event. For example, a DJ can call on the guests to return to their seats once dinner is over when it comes time to the speeches. If the food service is staggered, the guests at the different tables can be informed of when it’s time to eat or be served.

Whenever you need to control your guests or the flow of the event, the person who ends up doing all that is the DJ. 

In conclusion

DJs are more than just human music players at your wedding. They are experts at evoking emotions, boosting moods, and crowd control. They are perfect for ensuring that the mood and ambience of your wedding flow seamlessly at all times.

If you’ve been convinced you need to hire a DJ for your wedding, send us at Star DJ Hire a message. We can connect you to the music professionals you need anywhere in Australia.