When hiring a DJ, some important points often go missed. Today, we’ll very quickly take you through some things to remember, usually forgotten due to the sheer mayhem involved when organizing an event.

First Things To Remember

One of the first things to remember is to have someone available at your venue for when the DJ arrives. When speaking with them, ask what time they expect to arrive. We have seen many situations where the DJ has arrived at a locked, already-set-up venue, with no one in sight! A general rule-of-thumb is that your DJ will arrive between 30-60 minutes before start time, but it’s a lot safer to ask and ensure someone will be there.

Thing To Keep In Mind

Another thing to keep in mind is a table for their DJ gear. Some will bring their own, some won’t. It’s generally expected that the venue will have this provided. When your booking is at a function center, the staff will normally have this set up with a tablecloth. However, if your booking is at a hall or house, chances are there might not be one available – another thing you should ask them about!

When your DJ is setting up, access to power is something that they’re going to need. As simple as this requirement sounds, some venues have very limited access to power, including some in very hard to reach places. When considering where you want to have them set up, keep this in mind and make sure that it is somewhere easy for them to plug into. If not, make them aware of where the access point will be. It is not necessary, but to make things easier, you can have an extension cord already plugged in and leading right to the space you wish for them to set up.

Final Suggestion

Our final suggestion is by no means a requirement, but more of a kind gesture. The DJ will generally arrive at your venue one hour before set up time. They will then play continuously between 4 and up to 6+ hours, most time without a designated break. Finally, they have to wrap things up and pack everything away. Being set up at your venue, it makes it hard and almost impossible to be able to leave the DJ decks and the venue to purchase food. It is always nice to provide some meal or something to snack on.

We hope you find value in this short blog and we wish your event every success! If you’re currently in search of a DJ in Sydney or the Central Coast, consider hiring us! Star DJ Hire is an expert entertainment team and can provide much more solutions including photo booths. Give us a call today and ask how we can help you!

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