The amount of detail that goes into wedding planning nowadays is amazing. From flowers to decoration and entertainment to gifts for guests. One question that we always hear when planning the first dance is dry ice or smoke machine? In this blog, we run you through what we believe are the advantages and disadvantages, as well as our recommendation!

The Smoke Machine

To begin, let’s start with the smoke machine. This device is generally a much cheaper option. However, we see this as the only real advantage. But does the cheap cost really act as an advantage? The type of smoke that this emits is generally warmer, meaning that the smoke raises quickly. This will generally set off fire alarms within your venue, and also cause some guests to cough. If this is the device you choose to book, you must advise your venue, where they will generally charge a large fee to isolate the alarm during your first dance. Further to this, the smoke isn’t as thick and won’t fill the room up as much.

The Dry Ice Machine

This device works by adding dry ice to the machine where it meets hot water. This mixture creates a thick cloud like effect. Because of the use of dry ice, the cloud is a lot more colder, allowing it to stay at the floor level for the entire first dance. The dry ice will also then evaporate at the floor level, preventing it from setting off any alarms. This saves you from having to organize to isolate the alarm, removing this particular cost also. The clouds with this device is also a lot more extravagant and is the choice of the majority of weddings.

Our Recommendation

If the cost between these two devices is what’s holding you back from making your decision, consider the actual effect each produces as well as the additional costs that might be involved (delivery fee, operator costs, isolating alarms). Our choice on this one is the dry ice machine! If what you’re going for is ‘spectacular’, then this device is nothing short of that – this is a hit and will definitely have your guests wowing!

How Can We Help?

We are industry leaders when it comes to wedding entertainment. Star DJ Hire provides not only DJs but also entertainment solutions for weddings and all functions. If you are looking to hire a dry ice machine in Sydney, ask us about our all in one package. We can also provide a DJ and a Photo Booth at a discounted price! Having our whole team working together on your big day will ensure everything goes to plan with a stress-free reception!

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