This is a very good question and we get asked this all the time. A wedding is one of the most important events in our lives. For this reason, we have to make sure everything is planned properly for a seamless day and night, including hiring the right Wedding DJ and MC. To answer this question, we go granular here and completely transparent. After all, this is about making the right choice for you and your partner. We’ll break this up into pro’s and con’s.

1. Pro One: It’s Cheaper!

Yes, one of the best reasons for hiring someone who can DJ and MC is that they’re able to perform two roles simultaneously. They’ll be able to introduce everyone for entrances, play the required songs throughout the night and keep everything moving along. This will be cheaper because of the fact that only one person will have to attend, rather than two specialists in their respected fields.


2. Pro Two: You’ll Be Dealing With One Person

In the lead up to your big day, it can get exhausting with everything going on at the same time. You have the venue, florists, stylists, hair & makeup, cars, honeymoon.. argh! Dealing with someone who will take care of two major roles means there’s one less person to deal with – how perfect! You’ll get to meet with them, provide your requirements and requests, and that’s it! Life couldn’t be easier.

3. Pro Three: If You Want Someone Less Involved, This Is Your Pick

Something low-key? Not after anything too fancy? Something without a lot of interaction? A DJ/MC will have to be around the DJ area for most of the night, including the announcements that they have to make. This prevents them from being more involved with your guests and the venue. They’ll generally speak when required, introduce people and parts of the night as per the run sheet and ensure music is played smoothly.

4. Con One: It’s Hard To Focus On One Task

Yep, it is hard to focus all of your energy on one task – especially at a wedding. Being a Wedding DJ and MC requires attention all over the place. This can actually play a huge risk during key moments like your wedding entrances. We’ve seen this first-hand where the performer had focused on the names and pronunciation. This caused a delay in playing songs and even playing the wrong songs. Is this worth the risk and embarrassment for one of the most important times of your life?

Further to this, a great MC will interact with the crowd, socialise with your guests, and be another assistant throughout the evening. We’ve worked with MC’s who will remain as the comfort buddy to the bridal party, and even offer to get drinks or communicate messages to family members and friends. This can’t be done when hiring a DJ/MC. To this point also, the DJ should only be focusing on the music to guide the vibe and work the crowd through different stages of the evening, including during cocktail drinks, dinner, bridal entrances, the first dance, the departure and everything else in between!


5. Con Two: They’re Not Specialists In One Field

This is a generalisation, yes. But, working within the events industry has given us access and insight into thousands of weddings. Think of the saying, ‘Jack-of-all-trades, master of none’.

Yes, they’re able to do both tasks, but are they specialists (and we mean true specialists) at what they do? A specialist will be everything you’ll want and more, and they’ll be able to channel all of their energy into what they’ve been hired to do! Doing individual research to find out a bit about who you’re thinking to book can go a long way here. With today’s online world, there are so many different platforms to help you make an informed decision including YouTube, Google Reviews, Instagram, LinkedIn and more!

6. Our Opinion: What’s More Important?

Here are two sides of the story when looking at hiring a DJ/MC for your wedding. It all really comes down to where your priorities are. If a straightforward reception is what you’re after, and the cost plays a factor in your decision too, this may be ideal for you. However, if you’re after something that’s really going to leave an impression with memories for the rest of your life, hiring an individual Wedding DJ and MC will be the way to go.

Either way, we hope you find value in this. Congratulations on your engagement and good luck for your upcoming wedding!

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