There aren’t many private events that will host more than 500 people. For some weddings, we reach that number, but most of the time we’re looking at 100-200 people. For this monster cruise, we were onboard the majestic Starship Sydney, with a whopping 700 people over three jam-packed levels!

This was an unreal experience for two of our DJs (Marel and Cyclic), back to back from start to finish as the mammoth ship gracefully sailed around the most beautiful harbour in the world.

The night started off very tame, with some funky house and chilled R&B. This was the perfect vibe for the guests and party goers to mingle before the madness. The Starship slowly sailed around the harbour, amongst the alluring backdrop of the Sydney Harbour. Below are three shots of each of the levels. It’s actually surprising that there’s this much space on board.

Level One (Ground Level)

Level Two

Level Three (Top Deck)

The Party Gets into Full Swing

After about an hour, everyone started grooving and moving their way to the dancefloor. From this point onwards, it remained at full until the end. The night was met with current hits, party favourites as well as R&B and Tech House. We captured some amazing moments of the evening in the two videos below. Have a look and tell us what you think!

We Love School Events & Formals?

The video is proof that we’re in love with having to DJ any school event and formal in Sydney. We submerge ourselves in the moment to give our all. The feedback from this party was phenomenal and we can’t wait to be back next year! Until then Macquarie University, enjoy the year ahead and study hard!

Star DJ Hire out!

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