Okay, so we might not be the best at puns, but one thing that we are good at is choosing the best gear suitable for private functions. In today’s episode, we take a look at the RCF ART 315-A speaker and provide our thoughts.

1. The Look

Firstly, the speaker itself is very sleek and aesthetic looking. It is a two-way PA speaker with a 15-inch woofer at the bottom half of the speaker. In terms of looks, it passes the test!

2. The Build

Now to the quality. on its when used for DJ and at parties, the top and sound are very clear. When paired together with a set of these, the quality is quite impressive! The lower end has quite a bit of kick to it on its’ own also. However, if playing at a party with more than 100 guests, I would recommend a few subwoofers to improve the overall sound. This will allow the speakers to concentrate on the top end and the subs to work the lower end.

3. The Price

The pricing is quite competitive also, at between $800-$1000 each. I’d say this is mid range to high range in terms of price for DJ speakers.

4. The Verdict

Overall, I would give this have speakers close to 5 stars. For under $2,000 you can get a set of very high-performing speakers. There are speakers out there which you can buy for under $800 for a pair, but I wouldn’t recommend it as the sound quality, as well as the actual quality of the speakers, do not compare to the well-known brands. The team at Star DJ Hire always use quality brands including names like RCF, QSC, and JBL. We ensure that we use these speakers with our set up for amazing sound throughout the night. Make sure you reach out to us today for DJ hire needs within the Sydney area. Until next week people, have a fantastic week!

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