Corporate events are not just social events. They are more than that. They’re social events where business is also conducted. Further, no corporate event is informal – no matter how to lose it can get at times.

Once a DJ is hired to bring the event to life, they must ensure that songs with ribald lyrics or those which have a risqué theme are a strict no-no. Even if some (or most) of them enjoy such music in private, there’s always a time and place. These events are still as much about the brand as they are about having fun. Be it a team-building effort, or a formal banquet, your playlist needs to be tailored accordingly.

1. Do a Background Check For Your Corporate DJ

It’s a smart DJ who checks out what kind of corporate event is being planned before compiling their playlist. So, to be a successful corporate DJ, you should know whether it is a product launch, a trade show, celebrating an important company milestone, an employee appreciation event, or simply an annual event for the employees to socialize together.

The last is an event where people from diverse departments come together, and is probably the only time of the year when many of them get to see each other outside of ‘business as usual’. Typically, such events are hosted during the festive season, and jollity is the main purpose. Compiling a playlist for the last is almost a cakewalk for an astute DJ. Yes, this point sounds so simple, but some DJs simply take the booking without having this discussion to clarify!

2. What To Look Out For

People of all age groups, specializations, gender, ethnicity, and religious alignments are present. Therefore, the choice of music should be sensitive and avoid annoying any group. Hiring a DJ for an executive seminar or a board retreat is rare, even though these are crucial corporate events.

You need to know whether you will be called upon to be a master of ceremonies (MC) in addition to deejaying. MCs are required typically at awards ceremonies and at product or service launches. Check also whether there are any underlying conflicts of musical preferences. When in doubt, ask the host what kind of music they enjoy. It is a case of “He who pays the piper, calls the tune” literally.


3. Sync The Music To The Mood

It’s savvy to sync the music to the mood of the evening if you’re wondering how to organize music. This is where your DJ prowess should shine. If people are socializing, the background music is key. If some start to dance, some commercial RNB works well to warm things up. If a dance floor is building, some current commercial or classics may work. These are only suggestions and we trust you’ll use your judgment for making the right call here.

There are some oldies who enjoy rap and hip-hop; while there are youngsters who love country and blues. The various heads of departments and aspirants to the top slots could potentially be connecting with each other, and even with major customers. Therefore, the music should be aligned with the company or their brand image.

You don’t play the Blue Danube or Tchaikovsky’s 1812 at the launch of the latest in gizmos, though it’s quite likely that a few present would actually enjoy both. This comes back to completing background checks to understand your client.

4. Dress Formally

If you’ve been agonizing about how to dress, cut out the sequins and rhinestone for the corporate event. Jackets, tuxedos, suits and clean formal wear are the most appropriate outfits for these events.


5. Wrapping It All Up

As long as you’ve completed some due diligence about the company, the event itself, and probable attendees, you should be able to compile a list which people will rave about for days to come. Many may also come up to get your contact details. Keep some cards handy!

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