You have an upcoming event or party. Aunt Lil will be in charge of decorations – and she does an amazing job. You’ve invited guests online via Facebook and pumped them up for an unforgettable night. Your friend Sally knows someone who makes a killer cake. And for entertainment you’ve decided to get DJ, but your stuck. You want to hire the best DJ in Sydney, but you’re unsure where to look, or where to even start. This week, we dive into some strategies to save you time and help you in your quest for the best!

1. Where To Look

It’s no secret that the internet will be your best friend in this journey. You’ll be able to do research to quickly come to an informed decision.

One of the best places to start is Google. It’s an online search engine that will give you relevant results to your search. Type in some words that best describe what you’re looking for. Some examples below:

  • Best Wedding DJ Sydney
  • Hire the Best Birthday DJ Sydney
  • Corporate DJ Hire Sydne

Hint: For a more local result, you can add your suburb to the query e.g. Best DJ in Bondi

Facebook is another great resource to use. For this, simply type your search in to the Facebook search bar, and click pages to find relevant DJs.

You can also put up a status on Facebook. You’ll be surprised by how many people will actually know DJs to suit your requirements. It can sound something like this, “Need a DJ for a birthday, can anyone recommend one?”. Facebook will give you the option to turn this into a recommendation post, which increases the size and presence in the News Feed, driving more responses.

2. Price And Budget

Looking around at different DJs and companies will give you an idea of the prices. With this in mind, it’s time to set a budget. Doing this at the start works, but sometimes your budget and the price of the services offered aren’t aligned.

It’s always good to put out some feelers to understand what’s out there and what the costs are. When determining this, keep in mind that the budget set aside for this may influence the level of service and quality – just food for thought here.

3. Style And Music of DJ

Everyone has a different taste. Some crave Triple J, others love a bit of everything. Each DJ is unique in the way they play music and mix songs. To hire the best DJ for your job, here are some questions to ask when searching:

  • What are your 3 favourite songs for (insert genre)?
  • How would you mix a slower song into a faster song in this genre, and vice versa?
  • What if you play a song and the crowd doesn’t vibe to it, what would you do next?

These are just some examples, but the more you ask, the better indication you’ll get into the DJs’ style, as well as how they manage different situations.

4. What’s Included?

This is a big one. You think the deal on offer is a bargain, however, does the package quoted include everything? There are times where the price given is for the DJ alone. After you consider the costs of additional equipment hire, set up costs, costs for additional staff on-site, your budget can quite easily be blown. Ensure you ask:

  • Are all essentials or minimum equipment (2 speakers with stands, microphone, DJ equipment and lights) included?
  • Are there any costs for set up?
  • Will there be any travel costs?
  • What other fees might there be i.e. is your quoted price the final price?

5. But How Many Stars?

With the online world providing easy access to everything – you’re always only a few clicks away from finding out how any DJ or company is performing. This is an essential step to gain an authentic understanding of how everything will be, if that person is hired. There are a few places I recommend you explore for reviews including Facebook, Google and Product Review. Remember to read the poor, average and great reviews so you can get a holistic and unbiased perspective.

6. Book Early!

If you’re looking to hire the best DJ, chances are that there are heaps of enquiries being made, especially within the Sydney CBD and Inner-West suburbs. Once you’ve decided with who you’d like to go with, book in early! This is extra-important in the busy season (August to December) as there is a shortage of DJs, and people will traditionally call and book on the spot.

The reason for this is the influx of events during the second half of the year including a huge amount of school events (school formals for several grades, university parties, graduation parties), increase in birthday parties & weddings due to the warmer months, Christmas parties and everything else in between.

7. Enjoy Your Party!

I hope you take something out of these points. When looking for Sydney’s best DJs, there are many who claim this title. Doing a little bit of research, including asking the right questions when speaking to your DJ or company directly will have you positioned much better in this quest. Have fun whilst doing so, and I hope you have a rocking party!

Until next time!

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