In this week’s blog, we met up with a super-friendly DJ! A big smile and a huge heart, partnered with amazing DJ talent, we present to you, DJ Jason!

Marel: Welcome to this week’s interview Jason, how are you?

Jason: Feeling good, excited for some quizzing haha!

Marel: Ok, let’s start in that case. How long have you been DJ’ing for? What inspired you to start?

Jason: I’ve been DJ’ing for nearly 8 years – it runs in my blood. My father and his brother were big time DJ’s back in the 80’s, working at clubs like DC’s and Illusions. It has inspired me to DJ as I wanted to follow in their footsteps. It helps that I have a passion for music. Jumping on the decks is not all about spinning and pressing buttons, it’s about feeling the connection with the crowd and the inner music.

Marel: Wow, so it definitely runs in the family! And I agree, it is much more than just playing music. What’s your specialty? What genre do you like to play mostly?

Jason: I can play anything from 80’s to RNB & Hip-Hop to NRG and house. Whatever gets the crowd moving and I know they are enjoying it. I’ve done Lebanese weddings, 21st’s backyard parties, all the way to parties as big as 250 guests in a hall.

Marel: So definitely an all rounder! What would you say is your favorite part about being a DJ?

Jason: Favourite part would be when I put those headphones down and have turned my decks off and you can actually hear the people talk good (or constructively haha!) about you and give you great feedback.

Marel: Yeah, I’m sure it would definitely be a great feeling and very rewarding at times too. In your opinion, what do you think is the most important quality in a successful DJ?

Jason: Presentation, great attitude, and a crowd pleaser.

Marel: Couldn’t agree more! If you could play any event or festival, what would be your number one pick and why?

Jason: I have a big passion for RNB, so a dream of mine would be to DJ for a famous RNB singer while they perform. Some examples are Drake, Justin Bieber, and Migos.

Marel: That would be great hey! What is your most memorable event or gig?

Jason: DJ’ing for my cousin’s wedding which had 500 guests.

Marel: And why does that come to mind?

Jason: To me, 500 guests are a lot and to see them enjoying the music and partying made my night.

Marel: Yeah, 500 is huge! That sounds like it continued into the early mornings. One last question for you, for any upcoming or aspiring DJs, what would be your most important piece of advice

Jason: Chase your dreams because the sky’s the limit. If you hit a bad beat, never give up. We are humans and we all make mistakes.

Marel: That’s actually very real and relatable advice. I agree with the comment on hitting at bad beat too because we all do. I still do to this day and it will always happen here or there. Like you said, we’re all human. Well, Jason, thank you for that, we really appreciate your time!

Jason: My pleasure guys!

Jason is such a loveable character and always willing to lend a helping hand. He is another one of the DJs on the Star DJ Hire roster and never disappoints. If you’re considering booking a DJ, he is definitely one to keep in mind. We service the Sydney area and provide amazing DJ talent, as well as photo booths to ensure a great night. As always, reach out to us and we’ll pair you with the right entertainer and package. Until next week, enjoy your weekend!

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