In this week’s blog, we caught up with another one of our DJs. Alfredo is one of the team’s friendliest and humble people in our crew. With over 10 years experience and have played at almost every Sydney venue, it’s no wonder he is an all-around crowd-pleaser. Check out how the interview went below!


Marel: Thanks for taking the time for today’s interview, let’s get straight into it! How long have you been DJ’ing for in total now?

Alfredo: Over 10 years.

Marel: And what originally got you into Djing? What was your inspiration?

Alfredo: I’ve always loved music. When I was a teenager I also loved to party heaps. It was cool to see DJs doing their thing.

Marel: That’s awesome! Now, what’s your favorite part about being a DJ?

Alfredo: Being able to get the crowd getting crazy every time I play the next song, especially when they don’t expect it to come on. Being able to read them whilst playing.

Marel: Love it! In your opinion, what do you think is the most important quality in a successful DJ?

Alfredo: Being able to read the crowd and have that feeling whether or not they will appreciate the songs you will play next. Also, it’s vital to do that whilst having good, basic mixing skills.

Marel: Yeah, definitely! If you could DJ anywhere in the world or any event or festival, what would be your number one pick?

Alfredo: Ahhhh I have 1 haha! To DJ at an 80’s band concert while people are taking their seats.

Marel: Like an opening act?

Alfredo: Yes, exactly like that! Warming up for the big act. Doing that in a venue like ANZ Stadium would be amazing.

Marel: Wow, that sounds great! What would you say is your most memorable event or gig you have ever played?

Alfredo: A corporate Christmas party at ANZ Stadium with over 1000 guests. I kept them dancing until the end. That was a great feeling.

Marel: 1000 guests is massive, sounds like a huge night! Okay, one last question, if you could play alongside any DJ, who would it be?

Alfredo: Wow, that’s a hard one, I’m not sure.

Marel: What about one band in that case? You said you’d like to open for an 80’s band, which band would you play alongside?

Alfredo: Depeche Mode, The Cure or New Order.

Marel: Amazing, thank you for sharing this with us today Alfredo.

Alfredo: Anytime mate, all the best!

It was fun to pick Alfredo’s brains a little bit and this interview shows why he is so loved. He is passionate and always keeps the energy going. At the same time, he is very professional, one of the main reasons we continuously receive amazing feedback for him. Alfredo is one of many DJs in our Sydney based team.

We provide an all-inclusive DJ hire package and bring to the party to you. Reach out to us today to hire Alfredo or to find out more! We hope to be partying with you very shortly!

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