The Madison Function Centre held its quarterly open night in March, and we were thrilled to take part in showcasing our services. This venue is located in Dural and is a favorite to customers amongst the Hills area, as well as greater Sydney. We demonstrated what our DJ setup looks like, with short bursts of our dry ice machine also.

1. About The Night

Before we start, here’s a little about the night itself. The open night played host to us and other vendors including the preferred photographer, stylist, cake decorator, magician and more. It was the perfect opportunity to meet the other suppliers outside of an event. It was great for customers too as they were able to ask questions and have them answered on the spot – how convenient! We even met with customers who were thinking of booking, including customers who had already booked. This made the experience comforting, providing a first-hand insight into what the venue looks like when it’s decked out – and let me tell you, it looks stunning!

2. What Is Dry Ice?

Now to the magic cloud! The dry ice machine is a magnificent addition to the first dance at wedding receptions. It’s a cloud effect that works wonders for photos, as well as in the moment. This is created when dry ice meets boiling water, remaining thick and low-lying for the duration of your dance. Below is a photo of what it looks like in action, including a video for your reference.

Our View

Yes, these are the perfect additions to the first dance. Simple, classy and elegant. What are your thoughts on dry ice? We’d love to hear your thoughts – let us know on Facebook at @stardjhireofficial

Until next week!

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