Boy, do we have something in store for you on this blog! We’ve been to plenty of big weddings, but most recently, we attended one fit for the record books!

Antony and Priscilla tied the knot on Sunday at a beautiful ceremony, and after the traditional photos headed straight to Doltone House and can I just add, the venue was absolutely stunning! As we started setting up, there was an atmosphere of utter excitement floating in the air. We had the honor of providing a DJ and photo booth for the wedding, which worked perfectly for the rooms they had booked.

After the photo booth, sound and lighting were set up, we watched some quick rehearsals from The A-Team Entertainment. We’ve worked with this crew on a few occasions and it is breathtaking every single time. The signature bearded drummer, Elias, always really gets into the performance and involves the crowd.

Once the entrances started, jaws hit the ground! I wish to be able to relive the moment – it was an entrance I will never forget! Luckily, we managed to get some footage for you (and for us!). Have a look below for yourself!

The rest of the night went very well, and the dancing literally did not stop. The booth was a hit also and was packed the entire night! If you’re wanting a night like this, reach out to us today. We are Sydney’s leading DJ hire company and also provide photo booths and many other services. We’re waiting to hear from you soon!

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